WE Charity: the calls for the resignation of the minister Morneau continues

WE Charity: les appels à la démission du ministre Morneau se poursuivent

Conservatives and bloquistes have demanded the resignation of the minister of Finance Bill Morneau, Thursday, in the wake of the revelations about his travel expenses of$ 41,000 sponges by WE Charity, the organization at the heart of a case the appearance of a conflict of interest.

In concert with the New democratic Party (NDP), the troops of Andrew Scheer has, in addition, requested the commissioner of ethics and conflict of interest, Mario Dion, will broaden the scope of its review of the case WE Charity to also focus on this new element explosive controversy.

“Mr. Morneau admits that he agreed to 41 000$, but it tries to make us believe that he has not noticed the absence of the bill”, was launched at a press conference the spokesman for conservative in matters of Finance, Pierre Poilievre, arguing that the narrative of the minister does not hold the road in his eyes.

The latter is explained poorly how Mr. Morneau would not have noticed as travel costs to the tune of 41 366$ may not have been paid out of his pocket, but rather by the organization for which you work as her daughter, in addition it is close to Trudeau.

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“If a family remained at the hotel and had 41$ in room service for a meal and a beer, the next day it would be if the load was not on the invoice. 41$ would be remarkable for a normal family,” said Mr. Poilievre.

Testifying at the finance committee, which is examining the case WE Charity, the minister has indicated, Wednesday, that he had repaid that same amount on the same day, just before delivering his version of the facts in this case. It has been argued that the fact that the costs have been borne by the organization for fees associated with two trips of him and his family, was not intentional.

He has apologized and recognized that he would have had to ensure that he was paying all of the costs associated with these passages in Kenya and Ecuador.

The new democrat Charlie Angus, meanwhile, sent a letter to the ethics commissioner and ask him to open a second investigation on Mr. Morneau because of the revelations of the finance committee. The watchdog of the Parliament, Mario Dion, has already agreed to conduct a first survey on the minister due to family ties he has, indirectly, with WE Charity.

During a session of the ethics committee, on Thursday in the end of the day, the bloquistes have proposed a motion calling for the immediate resignation of Mr. Morneau, but it has not had the support needed to pass.

In the ranks of liberals, the minister of economic Development, Mélanie Joly, and the minister for Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, came to the defence of their colleague in the lurch. On the sidelines of an announcement in Montreal, they have emphasized that it is excused not to be challenged, discussions in the council of ministers on WE Charity and not to have followed enough to track the billing of the travel expenses.

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