WE Charity: the conservative are calling for the resignation of Justin Trudeau

WE Charity: les conservateur réclament la démission de Justin Trudeau

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer calls for the resignation of Justin Trudeau because of the scandal the WE Charity.

“Justin Trudeau does not deserve to be prime minister of this country,” settled Andrew Scheer this morning.

The leader of the official opposition has, however, ruled out the possibility of bringing down the government and trigger an election in the short term.

Mathieu Bock-Côté was with Caroline St-Hilaire on QUB Radio:

“We are not talking about election, but a choice that the liberal members of parliament have, said Mr. Scheer. They can send a message to Canadians and show them that they do not accept what is happening”.

The conservatives are also calling for the resignation of the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau.

While the Bloc québécois sum Justin Trudeau to give up her seat to the vice-first minister, asked by chrystia Freeland, Mr. Scheer declined to appoint an elected liberal in particular. He pointed out that Ms. Freeland is supporting Justin Trudeau.

Andrew Scheer explained that his priority at the moment is to shed light on the matter WE Charity. The government is in turmoil ever since it has entered into an agreement of nearly a billion dollars with that organization with which Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau have family links.

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