WE Charity: the ethics commissioner will investigate also on the travel costs of the minister Morneau

WE Charity: le commissaire à l'éthique enquêtera aussi sur les frais de voyage du ministre Morneau

The ethics commissioner has made it clear on Wednesday that it expanded the scope of its investigation on the case WE Charity, while the opposition parties fourbissaient their weapons on the eve of the highly anticipated testimony of the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

In a letter responding to a query from new democrat member of parliament Charlie Angus, the commissioner Mario Dion stated that he examined the travel expenses of the minister of Finance Bill Morneau, sponged by the organization. His office has already launched an investigation on the controversy, a few weeks ago.

Recall that Mr. Morneau has been found to have repaid approximately 41 000 $, a few hours before his appearance before the standing Committee on finance. It has been argued that the fact that the costs have been borne by the organization for fees associated with two trips of him and his family, was not intentional.

Conservatives and bloquistes are asking for the resignation of the minister, the same as that of Mr. Trudeau. Moreover, the opposition parties have sent the signal that the prime minister needed to be convincing to their eyes, in his testimony on Thursday, if he wanted their offensive to his place to calm down.

“I hope the prime minister will finally tell us the truth and the whole truth”, was launched on Wednesday, Pierre Poilievre, spokesperson for conservative finance.

Conservatives revolt as other expenses reimbursed by the organization WE Charity to family members of the prime minister have been “hidden”, a month after the controversy broke out. They have therefore claimed on Wednesday, another survey of the ethics commissioner and the conflicts of interest on this aspect.

Tuesday, we learned during the testimony of the brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger, co-founders of WE Charity, the brother of the prime minister, his mother and his wife have received fees of more than $ 200,000 in “direct” costs, that is to say on travel expenses.

This is in addition to some $ 350,000 in payments that had already been reported in recent weeks.

“What they should have in the testimony of the future for the Bloc québécois changed his mind [is] a clear demonstration that the allegations are not founded, has warned his side, the chief bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet. But for the moment there are demonstrations pretty convincing that there was something [there].”

The latter said he expected a “cutesy gibberish” of the prime minister, who will appear for 15 h before the standing Committee on finance.

The expected time for this rare testimony of a canadian prime minister is one hour, but the conservatives would like to hear Mr. Trudeau for three hours.

“The liberals are trying to limit the issues of the conservatives on 11 minutes. Eleven minutes is nothing, for a deal of $ 500 million, for a case where the family has received such gifts,” has pestered Mr. Poilievre.

The New democratic Party, for its part, does not go so far as to demand resignations, but the leader Jagmeet Singh has argued on Wednesday that it was “unacceptable” to see that the liberals are “working for their close friends”.

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