WE Charity : the ethics Committee of the House of commons could open up an investigation

WE Charity : le Comité de l'éthique de la Chambre des communes pourrait ouvrir une enquête

The ethics Committee of the House of commons will assess this morning the request of opposition parties to open an investigation regarding the controversy WE Charity.

“I think that we all, everyone in our government, everyone in the office has the responsibility for this situation”, said the deputy prime minister asked by chrystia Freeland yesterday by sending her a public apology for this fiasco.

But the prime minister Justin Trudeau and the minister of Finance Bill Morneau, who face an investigation by the ethics commissioner in this case, had still not told whether they would be tried before the committees of the commons who want to shed light on this story.

Yesterday, they were both conspicuously absent at the first meeting of the Finance Committee. Only the minister of Inclusion, Diversity and Youth, Bardish Chagger, and high officials, were presented before parliamentarians to answer questions.

The initiative of WE

Their testimony has helped to learn that WE Charity was the only organisation considered to manage the$ 900 Million in exchange for the volunteer student.

A competitive process would have taken two to three months. But, compelled by the government to deliver a massive program for youth in a few weeks, the officials explained that they had contacted directly WE Charity after its founder, Craig Kielburger, have sent an unsolicited submission to several ministers.

WE Charity denies

“This is incorrect”, replied the WE Charity. In a statement published online late yesterday evening, the agency denied the testimony of Rachel Wernick, the senior assistant deputy minister at Employment and social Development.

WE Charity explains have of course sent an unsolicited submission to the government in early April, but for a different project of the canadian stock exchange for the volunteer student.

Ms. Wernick has made it clear in his testimony that the proposal was not exactly related to the scholarship program. But that proposal was placed WE the heart of preliminary conversations between the officials.

It was also learned yesterday that WE Charity would be able to cash out up to 43.5 M$ to administer the$ 900 Million grants and not$ 19.5 Million as claimed by the government until then.

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