WE Charity: toward a testimony of Trudeau?

WE Charity: vers un témoignage de Trudeau?

OTTAWA | Bloquistes, conservatives and new democrats all want to hear the prime minister Justin Trudeau to testify in parliamentary committee on the award of a contract without call of tenders to the charity WE Charity.

“We’re going to […] to support the demand of the conservatives to call Mr. Trudeau and, if applicable, Mr. Morneau”, said the head bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet, on Tuesday, also making reference to the minister of Finance.

The conservatives have made a release to the media, Sunday, to say they would include the prime minister and Mr. Morneau on the list of the witnesses that the standing finance Committee could convene. It wants to ensure that the light on the granting of the management of the grants program volunteer student $ 900 million to WE Charity, an organization close to Trudeau.

In addition to the Block, the New democratic Party (NDP) has also the intention to support such a motion before the finance committee, said the party on Tuesday. Six liberal members sitting there, as the four conservative members and one elected member of each for the Bloc québécois and the NDP.

At the same time, an emergency meeting of another committee of the Commons, of the ethics, is claimed. The conservatives also request an investigation by the royal Canadian mounted police, but seem for the time to go it alone on this front.

Margaret Trudeau, mother of the prime minister, earned $ 250,000 for her participation in events organized by WE Charity between 2016 and 2020. Alexandre Trudeau, for its part, received $ 32,000 for his cooperation with the agency, while his brother was at the head of the government.

The minister Morneau, his daughters are related to WE Charity, and one of them is a paid position.

Recall that the commissioner of ethics and conflict of interest, Mario Dion, has launched an investigation into this folder. His office has assigned blame to two times Mr. Trudeau in the past, during his first term, in the case of SNC-Lavalin and the Aga Khan.

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