WE Charity would have transmitted personal data of young people

WE Charity aurait transmis des données personnelles de jeunes

OTTAWA | WE Charity would have transmitted personal data of teenagers in the liberal Party of Canada for election purposes, and to private companies for marketing purposes, said a witness before the finance committee of the Commons.

“WE are part of the electoral machine of the liberal Party,” said Vivian Krause, who has already collaborated with the premier of alberta, Jason Kenney.

According to it, the liberals would have used data collected by WE Charity to make the targeting election among young people, during election campaigns.

“It is false. The liberal Party of Canada has not received data of this kind, ” replied the party, ensuring respect for the rules of Elections Canada, and its own policy of protection of personal information.

“We have never shared personal information with the liberal Party or [an] any other political party “, defended the WE Charity.

Ms. Krause, who has in the past alleged that the organizations ecologists in canada receive foreign funds for campaigns, anti-pipeline, said to be based on the testimony of a source and promised to provide materials to the parliamentarians.

Private companies

She showed the finger to the application ” Track your impact “, created by WE to allow consumers to make responsible purchasing.

According to the organization, nearly 4,000 people use this system. “This is a gold mine of data on children and millĂ©niaux,” said Ms. Krause.

She noted that WE Charity receives millions from giants such as Microsoft, Telus, and Allstate. In parallel, the organization offers a variety of jobs in marketing that are related to these donors.

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