“We don't have to be told who to vote for”: instructions, Republican Front… Among voters, everything is turned upside down

“We don't have to be told who to vote for”: instructions, Republican Front... Among voters, everything is turned upside down

Les deux candidats du RN (à gauche) et du Nouveau front populaire tendance LFI sur le marché de Lunel vendredi. MIDI LIBRE – Yan.Phi.

Voting instructions, vote carryover, Republican front on the left and right… In Hérault, the 9th constituency offers a fight New Popular Front trend LFI against RN-Ciotti, illustration of the national divide.

 "Frankly, we feel that the choices have been made, there is not the usual curiosity." Under the dawn of summer finally arriving, Friday July 4, Catherine, left-wing activist, distributes her leaflets for the New Popular Front (NFP), at the Lunel market.

It is one of the four strategic points of this 9th constituency of Hérault, local laboratory of a national divide, Republican front against Republican front, it is according to where the postponement of votes, uncertain, will be decisive.

On the left, Nadia Belaouni, 46 years old, born in Morocco, LFI and convinced Mélenchonist. On the right, Charles-Henri Alloncle, 30 years old, RN candidate, came in the luggage of Éric Ciotti, president of the Republicans.

In the center: the local figure but also from Macronie, Patrick Vignal, who came third. He withdrew and relayed the presidential instruction of no votes for the extreme right.

"We have to get to the bottom of things, my children are desperate"

“We don't have to be told who to vote for! One of my tenants also came to tell me to be careful! Preventing us means not respecting the 30% who want the RN", complains Françoise, 66 years old, who came from a small neighboring village to do her shopping.

She was "for a long time" socialist, she blocked the FN in 2002, when Jospin faced Jean-Marie Le Pen in the presidential election, and she had "arm pain" when she slipped the RN bulletin into the ballot box in the first round.

"We have to get to the end of things, my children are desperate" she argues, overcome, too , by an anger with a xenophobic undertone: "We are no longer in France, here."

Right next to her, while by chance, Belaouni and Alloncle are towing a few meters from each other, Hakim, a 42-year-old forklift driver, is going to make up for his forgetfulness on the first lap. Of the 100,000 potential voters in the constituency, abstention won, by default, 40,000 votes.

"In the first round, I was a little lost, now you have to vote on the left, because that scares me! I am binational", he says as he walks away with his son.

Rose, 69 years old, also says it loud and clear. "Yes, the Republican barrier makes sense!" proclaims the one who had chosen Vignal and who tried out for the blank vote on Sunday.

"Bardella ? I prefer to cut off both my hands"

"With my husband, we said that that would be two more votes for the extreme right. Bardella, there's no question of it, I'd rather cut off both my hands!", explains this retired nurse of Kabyle origin. No, what's left in his throat is Mélenchon.

For Didier, a 54-year-old civil servant, the figure of the LFI leader is unacceptable. He lives in La Grande-Motte, another key location for the election. Coming from the social right, he gave his vote to Patrick Vignal, and is preparing, for the first time, to vote for the National Rally.

"A lot of people like me will vote for the right. Even if it hurts me, even if these are not my ideas, I cannot vote for an LFI candidate, his deputies had shocking behavior in the assembly and then there is Palestine and to say that the police kill…" he justifies, over a coffee, on the quays of the seaside resort.

His republican front is therefore against the extreme left, even though he voted for Jospin in 2002…

"The Republican front, no one is fooled, people have had enough"

"It’was not the same approach and the same context" he evacuates.

"The pact of the left ? The republican front ? People have had enough, no one is fooled! Glucksmann, who I like, had stones thrown at him during the Europeans."

For Didier, abstaining would be "irresponsible". This is not the opinion of Anissa and her companion, who came from Montpellier to the Lunel market. There are still many of them who think like them: "there's no point in voting, I chose Marine, I got Macaron (sic), it’ is rigged, it is the people who must decide" she loses her temper, annoyed.

This famous 9th constituency includes part of Montpellier, an important reservoir of the left.

"Frankly what are we complaining about in France ?"

In the Port-Marianne district, however, we come across Lucas, a Macronist who visits Bardella. Without "joy of heart" he promises: “If the New Popular Front had had the majority I would have gone to live in Majorca. We need an electroshock, given the government's rout, they should keep quiet rather than give voting instructions” says this 30-year-old.

His grievances: knife attacks, “twice a week” and, if he is not homophobic, like all his friends, he can no longer stand non-gendered people, “the ascendant side “Renard”.

Conversely, Mauguio, the last strategic place in this 9th, voted strongly for the RN. But some resist, without shouting it too loudly to the neighborhood. Vignal, once again, had Laurence's preference, but despite her aversion to Mélenchon, she will go to the polls with a heavy heart: “If we have a far-right majority, I'm going to cry. I'm going to vote for the LFI girl, by default, I don't care about the instructions… Frankly, what are we complaining about in France and in Mauguio in particular? ? Voting RN is to ignore History."

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