We don't know which variant to dance on

We do not know which variant to dance on

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If the projections of the experts are confirmed, we will be caught in the pandemic tunnel of COVID-19 for a long time to come. Not surprisingly, especially when one refers to the recent proliferation of variants of the Wuhan virus. So, claustrophobic or not, we'll have to tame the situation and learn to live in the tunnel …

Almost two years after the deadly outbreak of the Wuhan virus which left us thinking, the moment of planetary containment, that the end of the world had arrived, we are now besieged by its infernal and endless string of variants.

Variants that come to us from all over the world. Apart from the original from China, the most “worrying” today are notably English (Alpha), Brazilians (Gamma), Indians (Delta, Kappa) and South Africans (Beta, Omicron) …

The hoax

After the domination of the Delta, the situation was relatively under control, particularly thanks to barrier measures and vaccines. But in a short time, without the slightest respite, badaboum! Here is the South African Omicron making a big splash and trying to establish itself in the healthcare landscape.

In addition, Omicron succeeded in thwarting the existing vaccine shield which had barely demonstrated its effectiveness against its predecessors!

If names inspired by the Greek alphabet have been attributed to these variants, c t is most likely to destroy the stigmatization of their countries of origin. It is a counterproductive hoax. And I deplore her.

Hiding the origin of the variants behind the Greek alphabet abstracts the different states of health and vaccination situations in the “fragile” countries where they were born. This prevents getting used to the idea that to get out of the pandemic tunnel of COVID-19, it is imperative to massively vaccinate the entire world population efficiently.

Obviously, financial and pharmaceutical interests take precedence over the quality of human life on earth. May women and men of good will come to terms with this truism.

It is in vain that thousands of voices, particularly from the political and economic spheres, have repeatedly called for the temporary lifting of intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines in order to “democratize” vaccination across the world. History will remember that the pharmaceutical industry will have chosen to barricade itself in greed …

We must not give up

There however, has a positive outlook in “the financial jungle” … In its circulation and its mutation within the populations of the planet, the virus could lose its lethal force to become in the medium to long term a simple cause of benign disease.

So now is not the time to give up. We must individually and collectively find sources of motivation in ourselves and tap into them in order to go the distance … Without motivation, it will be difficult.

To be able to contemplate the rainbow, you will have to endure the rain first.

We do not know which variant dancing

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