“We missed the sound of the century”: Vegedream has recorded a song for the Blues… and he will release it despite the defeat

"We missed the sound of the century": Vegedream recorded well; a song for the Blues... and he will release it despite the defeat

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"We missed the sound of the century": Vegedream has indeed recorded a song for the Blues... and he will release it despite the defeat

Vegedream had well prepared a new anthem in the event of victory for the France team. The dream of a third star flew away for the French football team this Sunday, December 18, 2022, after the defeat on penalties against Argentina in the grand final of the 2022 World Cup. more than this terrible disappointment, the fans of the Blues did not have the opportunity to celebrate the victory on a sound of Vegedream as in 2018. The singer had however prepared a title which is unanimous… But good news should happen.

In 2018, Vegedream caused a stir by releasing its title, Bring the cup home, to celebrate the victory of the French football team. During this 2022 World Cup, many artists imitated him, convinced that the Blues would retain their title. Gilbert Montagné unveiled a cover of his hit Les Sunlight des Tropiques to the glory of M'Bappe and Jessy Matador remixed the title Gala, Freed From Desire, which the players put on a loop in the locker room to celebrate their victories. For his part, Bernard Minet came out of nowhere with his feat with Big Ali on a cover of the credits of Olive and Tom.

Unfortunately , the dream of Didier Deschamps' players came to an end this Sunday, December 18, 2022. Despite a hat-trick from Kylian MBappé, they lost during the penalty shootout in this completely crazy final against Argentina. A result that makes these anthems for the Blues lose a lot of flavor.

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Vegedream's missed comeback

But the song fans were particularly looking forward to was a hypothetical Bring Home the Cup 2.0, performed by Vegedream. Well this title does exist! The singer has also unveiled an excerpt on social networks and the fans are formal, he must release the sound, even after the defeat!

So there we missed this Vegedream banger, I'm so mad“, “Vegedream was going to release a real sound“, “Vegedream please release it anyway< /em>“, “😭 VEGEDREAM was actually in the studio to record a sound for France“, “Grizou is going to love this sound, release it anyway“, ” I want to cry we missed the sound of the century“, can we read on Twitter.

Let the fans be reassured, Vegedream could still release it by modifying the words to thank the Blues… We can't wait to hear that, even if it won't have the same flavor…