We need to invest to prepare for future pandemics, supports the chief scientist of Québec

Il faut investir pour bien se préparer aux futures pandémies, soutient le scientifique en chef du Québec

It is necessary to continue to invest in scientific research in order to better prepare for “future pandemics and other natural disasters, argues the chief scientist of Québec, Rémi Quirion.

In an interview with QUB radio Thursday, he indicated that there had been in the past “[the cuts] are very important in public health”, here, as elsewhere in the world.

“The hope now is that out of the pandemic, our governments will decide to continue to invest, and invest more in research, science. For me, it is a bit of a common good […] to be well-prepared to deal with future pandemics, earthquakes or floods”, a-t-he argued at the microphone of Caroline St-Hilaire.

  • LISTEN to the full interview of Rémi Quirion, chief scientist of Quebec, QUB radio:

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