“We should separate public health from politics”, recognizes Dubé

“We should separate public health from politics”, recognizes Dubé /></p>
<p> UPGRADE DAY </p>
<p><strong>Quebec Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubé acknowledged on Monday that the positions of national public health director and deputy minister should be split in two.</strong>&nbsp ;</p>
<p>According to a Radio-Canada investigation, Horacio Arruda, who then held these two positions, would have prevented the dissemination of data on lung cancer in Rouyn-Noranda in 2019. However, the regional public health department wanted to notify the population. </p>
<p>Still according to Radio-Canada, during an advisory committee meeting in the city, Dr. Arruda specified that he would have gone to Rouyn-Noranda as an adviser to the Minister, rather than as National Director of Public Health.</p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

“Ideally, we should separate the positions of director of public health and deputy minister,” reacted Mr. Dubé on Monday afternoon during a press scrum.

Dr. Arruda tendered his resignation last January. Last week, the government announced that Luc Boileau would resume his duties, which he had already held on an interim basis.

“We were lucky to be able to appoint Dr. Boileau in the same role for the moment , but we had several positions to fill. The network had to be stabilized. After a period of crisis such as we have just experienced, the network must be stabilized,” explained Mr. Dubé.

He also specified that his department had already come out in favor of certain recommendations of the report Savoie, which aimed to highlight the causes of the failure of the health network during the pandemic.

“There will be announcements in the coming months which will confirm recommendations”, revealed Mr. Dubé.

One of these recommendations concerned the separation into two positions of the roles of national director of public health and deputy minister.