“We spat and swore on Cecily”: The family of a young Oilers fan explains

“We spat and swore at Cecily”: The family of a young Oilers fan explains


A young Edmonton Oilers fan and cancer survivor lived through a nightmare last week in Los Angeles, and her story continues to make headlines.

Alberta striker Evander Kane had pointed out the deplorable behavior of several Kings fans at the expense of little Cecily. The 10-year-old got the chance to watch her favorites play in the playoffs in the City of Angels thanks to the Ben Stelter Foundation.

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Cecily Eklund's family gave more details of the actions of the Los Angeles fans on April 21, but greatly thanked both teams for their support.

“Unfortunately, while there were good moments during this game, there were some scary and negative moments for her. Cecily was spat and sworn at for wearing an Oilers jersey, and she witnessed an attack on another Oilers fan a row ahead of her,” a statement said Thursday after -noon.

“While not the magical experience she dreamed of or the hockey environment she is used to in Edmonton, Cecily wants to let people know that she recognizes that a few fans don't represent a fan base, and she's grateful for the phenomenal support she's received since.”

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The Kings organization is said to have contacted the family and a large number of donations have since flowed to the Ben Stelter Foundation. Little Ben died of cancer at the age of six last year. He was known as one of the Oilers biggest fans.