“We strike before insulting each other”: the sad observation of a member of the League of Occitanie

“We strike before insulting each other”: the sad observation of a member of the League of Occitanie

Ancien gardien de but et entraîneur, Stéphan Segura va mettre toute son énergie dans la prévention des violences et incivilités. Ligue d'Occitanie

Stéphan Segura est depuis quelques semaines en charge d’une commission contre les incivilités et violences. Entretien.

Faced with the phenomena of violence and incivility, the League recently wanted to revitalize its prevention, mediation and security commission of which you are president. What will this consist of ?

Our main ambition is to provide support to clubs. This commission will have no repressive value, but it will support structures to help them move forward with these issues of security and prevention of incivility. This is really how the clubs must perceive this action for which a large-scale plan will quickly be put in place.

What will be the main objectives of this plan ?

Our first mission will be to intervene with clubs in a specific way, each structure having its own security issues. Depending on all the elements that will be in our possession, our desire will be to go to the heart of the clubs to explain to them what are the points to improve and how to achieve this. Whether it is a problem of accountability of an educator, a sometimes difficult external environment or even a need for mediation to resolve a conflict. Knowing that in the long term, my desire will also be to set up a security representative within each club, who will be trained in this mission and will thus be able to be a privileged interlocutor, while himself training his internal team in matters security.

Can the preventive and non-repressive dimension of this commission encourage clubs to get involved ?

Yes, I hope so. In any case, the stakes are so high that we must all work hand in hand. The more we promote this commission and the actions it carries out, the more clubs will approach us and find solutions to manage these issues. I would also like to point out that this will be the case for regional competitions, but also departmental ones. We work permanently with the commissions of the different districts, which allows us to have a real picture of the situation. As I tell all the actors I meet, we are not playing politics through this mission. Our only priority is football and the return of serenity on the fields of the region.

Is the first feedback from the clubs positive ?

Yes, absolutely. Even if I do not forget that it is a marathon that we are starting today and that our desire is to register for the long term, I am really satisfied with the first feedback. I believe that what the clubs appreciate most about this approach is that we are really concrete. It is also very important that there is mutual trust between us, it is together that we will find solutions.

Physical violence has taken precedence over verbal violence since the start of the season. What does this inspire you??

This is indeed something that alerted us and pushed President Dalla-Pria to organize an emergency meeting at the beginning of January. Today, we strike before insulting each other and that is obviously intolerable. But unfortunately it is a reflection of society. Incivility increases from season to season and plagues categories that were previously spared from these phenomena, such as women and young people. I remember that when I was a coach, I saw the match through the prism of passion, which prevented me from truly becoming aware of reality. Now that I have crossed over to the other side, I see what is happening and I understand all the work that needs to be done. I hope that we will succeed in moving forward on all these issues with all the different stakeholders, it is essential for the future of amateur football and its clubs.

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