“We suck”, “he doesn't give a damn” … Interviewed on TV, a PSG supporter cracks up live, the journalist no longer knows how to stop him

"We suck at shit", "he doesn't give a fuck&quot ;... Interviewed on TV, a PSG supporter cracks up live, the journalist no longer knows how to stop him

By Thibault Raoult Editor-in-chief Thibault is editor-in-chief of Purebreak. His passions in life? The sneakers, New York, the PSG, the NBA, the tarama, calling people “my little food”, screaming in front of Koh Lanta and Beijing Express, without forgetting the best moment in life: analyzing the crossover of the Julyists and the Augustians during the Point Route.

"We suck at shit", "he doesn't give a fuck".. Interviewed on TV, a PSG supporter cracks up live, the journalist no longer knows how to stop him

A PSG supporter cracks live on RMC Sport, the journalist no longer knows how to stop him Yet well accustomed to crying in the Champions League, Parisian supporters once again took out the handkerchiefs this Wednesday March 8, 2023 for the Bayern Munich match – PSG. One of them, who had made the trip to Germany, was questioned at the exit of the stadium by RMC Sport. Without filter, he swung what he really thought of Mbappé, Messi and their friends by aligning the big words. The journalist struggled to follow up…

The second leg of the Champions League round of 16 between Bayern Munich and PSG was a big mess. On the ground, already, since the Parisians were relatively shabby losing 2-0. But it also went all over the place on the TV channels that followed this sad meeting. First on Canal +, where old-style porn music was broadcast in the middle of the match, but also on L'Equipe, where Yoann Riou cracked up after the goals conceded by PSG.

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RMC Sport was also entitled to its little lunar moment. At the end of the match, a journalist tried the risky exercise of questioning a Parisian supporter. Completely stuffed and without a filter, the so-called Johan, who comes from the Vosges and who drove 6 hours to get this elimination, obviously skipped the fact that on TV, we generally try not to talk like with our friends.< /p>

The huge crush of a PSG supporter on RMC Sport

We saw nothing tonight, nothing. The whole team sucked. We were nil, nil, nil, nil. we are disappointed. Me, I drove 6 hours to piss me off to come here, in a stadium with all the supporters, there were 4,000 of us… We sucked. We suck, zero, zero… I'm disappointed, I'm disgusted. Once again, we're considered idiots, we're useless, useless!” begins our hero. At first surprised, the journalist still dares to make a small reminder about the transfer window of the PSG, who could be behind this new fiasco. Bad idea.

>> “It's the truth…“: the terrible confession of Kylian Mbappé after the new elimination of PSG, a departure to be feared this summer? <<

You have the best players in the world. You have Messi… He's non-existent, we haven't seen him! Yeah, he's the best in the world, ok. Matches like that, we haven't seen the guy, damn it! (…) We are eliminated, here we are, once again… Shitty season, shitty season!” he continues. Not enough to offer the easiest transition for the RMC Sport journalist who is trying a “ then, beyond the season of… complicated… Do you think that going to be complicated to keep Kylian Mbappé at the end of the season?“. >

Annoyed and at the end of the tape, the supporter ends in style: “ But no, but he's going to leave the guy, he doesn't give a fuck now, c It's good, it's over… Well, he won't win the Champions League with Paris, he'll go elsewhere. He's screwed… He'll go to Madrid. We will never win the Champions League, it's over. We are doomed ! It's finish ! Fuck it! Shit!“.

The RMC Sport journalist concludes by explaining “we see that there is a big disappointment at the level of the supporters“. We, we would rather have spoken of a desire to die. Courage Yoahn, a good little Brest – PSG is waiting for you this Saturday, March 11 to see your favorite players give everything to try to beat the terrible 15th in Ligue 1.