“We want to fight social dumping”: the objectives of Fabien Roussel in the campaign for Europeans in Alès and the Gard

“We want to fight social dumping”: the objectives of Fabien Roussel in the campaign for Europeans in Alès and the Gard

Fabien Roussel : “Nous défendons des grands projets qui peuvent apporter des réponses aux habitants comme au climat” Midi Libre – Mickael Esdourrubailh

The national secretary of the PCF is traveling to Alès and the Gard this Tuesday, February 13 with Léon Deffontaines, head of the party's list in the European elections scheduled for June 6 to 9, 2024.

You travel to Pont-Saint-Esprit then to Alès, where you will hold a public meeting with a view to these elections. Coming to the Gard and the Alésien basin, is it above all because this territory has communist roots that are still well anchored ? 

The roots exist and they are strong. The PCF has a history in this industrial area where we have fought many battles for employment and the defense of workers. But it’s also because these roots are still alive. The elected communist representatives, the activists, with others, managed to win a great fight here for the reopening of a railway line (the straight line of the Rhône, Editor's note) . For us, the development of trains is good for the climate and, normally, good for purchasing power if we fight for prices.

Our list is also aimed at those who were able to vote for the extreme right

Even if communist values ​​persist, Gard, especially in rural areas, is increasingly seduced by the National Rally which is also trying to convince abstainers. How do you plan to convince this electorate who may feel abandoned by politicians ?

By simply speaking to them. I don't ask people who they voted for before. This is why I invite them all to come and meet us this Tuesday evening. There is a strong expectation in our country that this will change. That the work is properly remunerated. To ensure that our public services work. The Communist Party, with other left-wing forces, we are putting forward very concrete proposals that defend the world of work and our public services. A France that protects, that protects purchasing power, jobs, that fights for the reindustrialization of the country. This is why our list is also aimed at those who were able to vote for the extreme right, which does not provide as many solutions to these questions . But also to those who, on the left for example, voted "no" to the European Constitutional Treaty in 2005, and who seek a progressive perspective. 

Your European line would therefore be a balance between national sovereignty and European partnerships ? What would be your prerogatives ? 

First, defend the workers. I am talking as much about those in factories as those in the fields and those in our public services. When you work a lot and are paid little, you are part of the working world. They are the ones who need to be defended today. In France as in Europe too. We want to fight "social dumping" which pits us against each other and puts workers from different EU countries in competition. Other left parties in Europe are fighting in the same way on these aspects.

We believe that the nuclear/renewable energy mix is ​​a real asset for France

Will it possibly be possible to reaffirm links with LFI MEPs ?

The MEPs who fight liberal Europe find themselves in the same group: The Left. We will sit together even if, on other subjects, we have important differences. For example, we defend major projects that can provide answers to residents and the climate, such as the Lyon-Turin railway line in Savoie. I regret that environmentalists and rebels are opposed to it. Likewise, we believe that the nuclear/renewable energy mix is ​​a real asset for France. We must continue to invest in these two resources. I regret that there are these differences with the other left forces, but it doesn't matter! The European elections allow you to vote for the list you feel closest to. 

Your head of list is Léon Deffontaines. You close the list as far as you are concerned. Léon Deffontaines, 27 years old, it's a way for him to practice his skills a bit. in politics ? 

There is no career plan with us (laughs)! The idea is first of all to trust young people. Léon Deffontaines has already crossed the country when he was responsible for communist youth. We must trust these young people who have lots of appetites. He speaks to young people better than anyone else. He is committed to the climate, to peace, and against racism. But also for employment. Léon comes from the Somme, strongly impacted by deindustrialization. With this young outlook, and this desire for a Europe where young generations will be able to unite. At the same time, he will be supported by those who have more experience! André Chassaigne, MP for several terms, will be fifth on the list. Just like Emmanuel Maurel, outgoing MEP, who will be third and who will bring his skills. 

The public meeting of Fabien Roussel and Léon Deffontaines will be held Tuesday February 13 at 7 p.m. at the Fare Alais space in Saint-Martin-de-Valgégales. I subscribe to read more

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