“We were suffocating from the heat”: in Odessa rocked the concert of the band “Antibody”

Ukrainian band performed in honor of Independence Day

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"Мы задыхались от жары": в Одессе прогремел концерт группы "Антитела"

Concert of the group “antytila” in Odessa

Heat waves, a gift from soldiers, six thousand lights on the stadium “Spartak” Taras Poplar in embroidery – so band “Antibodies” celebrated Independence Day. August 24 in Odessa was held for the fourth concert of the successful stadium tour Hello group “Antibodies”, which takes place in support of the new album of the same name in the cities of Ukraine.

The leader of a group “Antibodies” attack. All the details in the video:

In Odessa there was a special concert because it fell on a holiday – Independence Day. The atmosphere in the stadium was appropriate. Many people at the concert came in the vyshivankakh and with yellow-blue flags. No surprises from the group, was not. On the scale, the size of a five-story building, the stage, the group leader, Taras Poplar came in designer white embroidery.

On it was embroidered the symbol of life and development – tree, where the elements symbolize: roots – the past, the trunk – the modern, and the big crown is the future. Odessa fans “Antibodies” pleased, performing the song “Always mine,” which is dedicated to Ukraine and its defenders.

"Мы задыхались от жары": в Одессе прогремел концерт группы "Антитела"

The soloist of the band “Antibody” Taras Poplar

This evening on the stadium “Spartak” there was an atmosphere of unity. The group once again demonstrated that Creativity – more than music. Fans sang along to every song. And the song “Buda Blues” evoked an extraordinary reaction. During its execution at the same time lit up thousands of lanterns. Create a romantic mood. It should be noted that the song “Buda Blues” from the new album Hello breaking records for views on the official YouTube channel of the band group among the songs that have no video.

"Мы задыхались от жары": в Одессе прогремел концерт группы "Антитела"

The band “Antibodies” on Independence Day

“We were suffocating from the heat first, and then from the love of people. Odessa was a very special atmosphere. Whether so affected high spirits to Independence Day, or maybe just a long time Odessa was waiting for us in the stadiums, maybe we missed the drive after Poltava. And perhaps all together. Remember how the whole field simultaneously to the beat was off the ground the song “Mi”. Such unity was not anywhere”, – comment on Taras Poplar.

A group of “Antibody” also received gifts from citizens of Odessa. At a press conference held before the concert, came the soldiers of the Odessa 28-th separate mechanized brigade. Knights of the Winter Campaign and the military 7-th separate regiment of communication. Soldiers in gratitude for the active support of the military during fighting in Eastern Ukraine for five years presented with the brigade flag.

"Мы задыхались от жары": в Одессе прогремел концерт группы "Антитела"

The group “antytila” in Odessa

Arena tour continues Hello. On 17 November the capital will host the final concert of the tour. “Antibodies” invite all to the Sports Palace.

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