We will miss her good humor: Nathalie Simard is eliminated from the reality show “Get me out of here!”

We will miss her good humor: Nathalie Simard is eliminated from television. reality “Get me out of here!” /></p>
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<p><strong>The sympathetic Nathalie Simard, who brings life to the camp, was eliminated on Sunday at the end of the fourth episode of the reality show “Get me out of here!”.</strong> </p>
<p>The 53-year-old singer and host, whose funny side, benevolence and empathy have marked the spirits, will certainly be missed by the faithful of the TVA show. It's as if we had discovered a new Nathalie, although she has been in the public eye since the early 1970s.</p>
<p>“I am someone who has easy happiness, who likes to laugh, who likes to have fun and who is a clown,” she told QMI Agency.</p>
<p>Like her two other comrades who took part in the elimination challenge, Andréanne A. Malette and Jean Michel Leblond, Nathalie had to estimate the number of mice swarming in a box whose contents she could not see. Only his hands allowed him to count them, but since these little critters are on the move, it was no small task.</p>
<p>There were altogether 68 mice in the box, yes, 68, but Nathalie did not trust herself enough by telling herself that 45, her first figure in mind, was too high. His response to hosts Alexandre Barrette and Jean-Philippe Dion was instead 15 rodents. Error. If she had opted for 45 mice, she would not have been eliminated and it would have been Andréanne A. Malette who would have returned to Quebec.</p>
<p>“I was down to 45 mice, but that's a lack of self-confidence, I said to myself: “It can't be, it's a booby trap”. When I said that to production afterwards and the girls were screaming!”</p>
<li dir=Listen to her interview on Sophie Durocher's show via < strong>QUB radio: 


Even if her stay was shorter than expected, Nathalie Simard is “very proud” of her journey. She says she “found the time long” by eating oatmeal, rice, beans and fish heads, in addition to the challenges. “I learned that I still had a lot of courage. It's as if life had challenged me and I know I'm capable of going all the way.”

Since the campers live in difficult conditions, in the middle of the jungle and with a (very) basic diet, they quickly stick together. That's why Nathalie listened and went into listening mode when her comrades needed to ventilate.

Shortly after arriving in Costa Rica, she herself cracked, a moment that allowed him to take out the villain to better continue this “incredible human adventure”. “It didn’t stop, I had big “pe-pain”. I decided to open up to campers, I was afraid of public comments, but I broke that, I was welcomed and then I was able to dive into reality TV, ”she said. .

Nathalie Simard, who is godmother of the Maison la Grande Ourse Montérégie, the first therapy center for women who have been victims of sexual crimes – she presents a conference in songs on April 1 and 2 for the benefit of this organization –, is delighted that “Get me out of here!” is the most watched program on Quebec TV, especially since it propagates human values ​​such as altruism, courage and surpassing oneself. “We are not into stabbing in the back to eliminate someone!”

Note in passing the challenge “The Star of Hell”, in which Livia Martin showed extraordinary composure by measuring herself, without being able to move, against crabs, earthworms, thousands of -legs, caterpillars, cockroaches and rats. It must have screamed in the cottages.

At the very end of this fourth episode, we also learned that a new camper will join the adventure, without saying more. Story to follow.

Produced by Productions Déferlantes, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the reality show “Get me out of here!” airs at 6:30 p.m. on TVA, just before “La Voix”.

“Get me out of here…but not right away”

Nathalie Simard and Marianne St-Gelais have just returned from Costa Rica where they returned in February to visit the country of Pura Vida, a journey that will be possible to follow in the new program “Sortez-moi d'ici… mais pas immediately” on Évasion.

The two friends will introduce subscribers to the specialized channel to this magnificent country and four campers – we do not yet know their identity – will join them. “There are surprises, we make visits, we do other challenges. We weren't in the jungle, this time, we were in “resorts”. It is a country to see at least once in your life!” said Nathalie Simard.

The 10 episodes of “Get me out of here… but not right away” will be broadcast starting Monday, May 15, at 8 p.m., on Évasion .