Weapons in hand, a couple of Americans with a threat of protesters

Armes à la main, un couple d’Américains menace des manifestants

WASHINGTON | assault Rifle and pistol: the video a couple of Americans pointing their weapons to the protesters to keep them away from their large house, retweetée by Donald Trump, caused Monday reactions clivantes.

Polo pink trousers and with pliers for him, T-shirt and capri pants for her, Mark and Patricia McCloskey came out barefoot Sunday evening in their garden in St. Louis, Missouri, for the passage of the demonstrators who paraded in their private street to go protest in front of the mayor of the city.

Mark McCloskey 63, a lawyer like his wife, 61 years old, said he is “terrified” in an interview to a local channel of this central region of the United States.

“A crowd of at least 100 people shot the portal historic wrought iron Portland Place “, their private street in which are installed several large mansions, they “rushed to my house, where my family was having dinner outside and we did fear for our lives,” he explained to the string KMOV4.

“I was terrified that we might be murdered in a few seconds, that our house is burnt, our pets killed. We were alone in the face of an angry mob “, he continued.

“This is a private property. There are no sidewalks or street public, ” noted Mark McCloskey.

Donald Trump has retweeted, without comment, the video of this couple of white Americans, pointing a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun on demonstrators in the majority black.

The sequence has outraged many internet users and has been turned into a mockery. The prosecutor of the city of St. Louis, Kimberly Gardner, said it was “concerned” to see the ” peaceful demonstrators greeted by guns and a violent assault “.

“We need to protect the right to peaceful protest,” she continued, announcing that it was conducting the investigation with the police and the witnesses.

In the Face of the avalanche of criticism, a republican representative of the House of representatives, close to Donald Trump, has come to the defence of the couple on Twitter, depicting a future imaginary threatening as a possible presidency of Joe Biden, democratic candidate for the White House.

“In the America of Joe Biden, your job is illegal, you are locked in you, the borders no longer exist, the MS-13 (the name of a gang based in the United States by immigrants from central America, editor’s NOTE) live close to where you live and the police does not help you when the crowd comes “, he tweeted with a photo of the couple, saying:

“They represent all of us. “

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