Wear the mask without getting used

Porter le masque sans s’y habituer

Wearing a mask will be mandatory on Saturday in enclosed public places. It was to be expected. And as long as we take the COVID-19 seriously, this should be the case, it is necessary. The price of economic, social, and psychological to pay for a new containment massif would be foolish.

The outbreak of infections following the reopening of the bars and the holding of private parties reminds us that some nonsense on a large scale could ruin the efforts of the last few months. Just look at the situation in the United States and Europe in order to convince themselves that this fear is rationally based.

To get out of our burrows, to gradually regain our freedom, it will be necessary, for a time, out hidden.

Normality ?

But I insist : for a time.

It may take a few months, maybe a few years, it is not yet known. But it should not be that the mask becomes the ” new normal “, in the words of Christian Dubé.

We live in a collective test. It does make sense, however on condition that you imagine the day where we will come out.

What is the main argument of those who oppose the mask compulsory ? They argue that the freedoms suspended by governments in situations of crisis are rarely restored once the crisis is over.

In this case, the health crisis would be exploited by the power, and, more particularly, by the power of health, to extend its influence over society and get it used to a new form of enslavement.

There is in this speech elements to be valid and others that are part of a vision almost paranoid society.

It is not wrong to say that the State always has a tendency to want to control our lives and to submit them to the plans of its technocrats, they put on a lab coat or tie.

It is not false to say that it has a tendency to believe that they are consistently superior to the good sense of ” ordinary people “, which seems to justify its sprawl of bureaucracy.

It is also true that it has a tendency to infantiliser the population, to the point of telling him what to think. In the name of public health, he meddles in our menus, in the name of living-together and of the struggle against ” prejudices “, he tells us what to dream, what to love and what words to use.

Be wary of the State is an attitude rational. The believe evil and foreign to the common good is not.


The current crisis is not imaginary. It has nothing to do with a conspiracy. It is sufficient for the virus to spread to the health care system is again overloaded, the scenes of horror multiply, and that the company is paralyzed.

In the circumstances, there is something aberrant to see some present their refusal to wear the mask as a fundamental right. How not to be seen as a manifestation of an individualism extreme become pathological ?

We do not live in the same way in times of peace and in time of war. And we are in a time of war health.

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