Wearing a mask mandatory : the clients adhere to the instructions

Port du masque obligatoire : les clients respectent les consignes

MONTREAL – The port of the mask in shops and public places are closed, mandatory from Saturday, does not seem to pose problems in the establishments of the avenue du Mont-Royal.

The “24 HOUR” has visited a few shops of this thoroughfare in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, Saturday, and was able to notice that traders have to mentioned the setpoint to their clients that they out a mask of their bag and cover the face with.

The health measures to counter the pandemic of COVID-19 have been imposed gradually and this allowed both merchants and customers to assimilate the instructions.

The manager of the hardware Rona The Quincailler, Nicholas Allard, ensures that the customer is highly disciplined. “It was zero problem. This is not even a topic of conversation, people put on their masks. We were prepared, we had our surgical masks in case someone had not. People have their mask, and since the announcement, we could see the port of the mask increase,” says one who works at the hardware store for 20 years.

An employee of Dollar Royal Pierre Jetté note also that the clients adhere to the instructions. “We met maybe two people who did not have a mask, but it was in their pocket. Since this morning, it works well. At the beginning [of the déconfinement], there were a lot of people came in with masks, before it is required”, he adds.

In the cafes

Came to work at the Café The Closet, Gabrielle Comtois ensures that it lagged behind a mask in his bag for a few weeks already. “It is nice to be able to remove them when we sit down to work. I also understand the rule when I get up, I have to put my mask on,” says the client.

The restorer of the same coffee, François Audet, notes that its customer base is different these days. However, the customers adhere to the setpoint port of the mask. “I’ve sold more there in a few weeks. These days, I sell more masks that coffee!” lance-t-il by blaming the construction holiday. “It may also be the mask-wearing mandatory, or the piétonnisation avenue Mont-Royal”, he assumed.

A mask at the gym?

The centres of sport and strength training should, in the same way as shops and restaurants, impose the wearing of the mask to the interior. The mask may, however, be removed when the athletes are in rehearsals with a machine or if they run on the treadmills.

“We were forced to wear between the machines and the different stations of exercises. It is ok not to have it while doing the exercise. Then there is a lot to remove and put back. But, it disinfects the machine, then it has a little less risk of contagion, even if one handles a lot of the mask”, stresses José Charles a member of the Éconofitness on the avenue du Mont-Royal.

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