Weather: enjoy the sun all weekend, rain and storms will be back from Monday and for a long time

Weather: enjoy the sun all weekend, rain and storms will be back from Monday and for a long time

Le mauvais temps devrait revenir dès la semaine prochaine. (illustration) MAXPPP – Jean-Marc Lallemand

Pour ce week-end de l’Ascension, le soleil devrait rayonner sur la France. Mais ce beau temps ne devrait pas durer, puisque dès lundi, lundi devrait faire son grand retour.

The last few weeks have been very rainy in France. The cold had also settled over a large part of the country, but for Ascension, the good weather returned. If the sun has something to cheer up the many people who are enjoying this long weekend, it should not last.

Near 30 degrees

The improvement in the weather should be felt from this Wednesday. "With the shift of the anticyclone towards the ;Western Europe, a period of calmer and drier weather is expected until the weekend with sunny days, details < em>France Weather.

The following days, the heat should also be there. "Temperatures will gradually rise and should rise above seasonal norms", it is noted. 30 °C should even be reached during the day on Sunday.

Long-lasting bad weather

The Weather Channel website is much less optimistic about the duration of this good weather and even describes these few days as a "parenthesis". From the start of next week, Monday will be marked by numerous disruptions. Thus, many storms should break out in the French sky and should also be accompanied by a lot of rain over almost the entire country.

Temperatures will not escape this and will drop considerably compared to the end of this week and will thus return below seasonal averages. The weather forecast site indicates that "the resumption of this bad weather appears to be lasting".

If some were satisfied with the sunny days for Ascension, this weather "gloomy" should hold at least the week and “could even persist until around May 23".

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