Weather: return to calm, sunshine and rising temperatures… what weather to expect in the coming days after the bad weather ?

Weather: return to calm, sunshine and rising temperatures... what weather to expect in the coming days after the bad weather ?

Les recherches se poursuivent dans le Gard. Midi Libre – Mikael Anisset

Après d'importantes intempéries le week-end dernier dans le sud de la France, la douceur revient sur le pays à l'approche de la mi-mars.

After the storm, the return to calm. The floods and floods of recent days, particularly in Gard and Hérault, have caused several victims. But calmer weather and a certain mildness should settle in from this Wednesday over a good part of France.

Sun and heat

Good weather, such are the forecasts for Weather Francefor the days to come. After intense bad weather due to the passage of storm Monica, particularly in the southern part of France, calm should return. As evidenced by the sun which should shine over half the country, but also the mildness with rising temperatures.

Thus, a mercury which will rise to around 20 °C until the weekend for the Hérault capital, Montpellier, and its surroundings. Temperatures should be noticeably close to Toulouse and the Phoenician city. Regarding the center of France, starting from the west coast at the border with Switzerland, the thermometer will oscillate around 15 °C, slightly lower on the Breton coasts,   and the opposite for Auxerre, which should record a peak of up to 20 °C towards the end of the week.

In the middle, if the temperatures should align with those mentioned previously, the sky should not be entirely clear. If the softness will be present, the clouds will be too. Some light rain is also expected at the end of the week near the capital and in the northern part of France.

Note that Gironde and Charente-Maritime remain on orange alert for floods this Wednesday, according to the bulletin from Vigi Météo France< /em>.

"It's a difficult, heavy time"

After the heavy rains last weekend, the water rose in the Occitanie departments. These floods were sudden but truly violent. The results are several deaths in Gard, Hérault and Ardèche, including a father and one of his children, the other is still wanted.

"A military patrol  the gendarmerie has just discovered the body of a child. It's a difficult, heavy moment, which leads us to think about families. It's a moment of pain and compassion", testified this Tuesday Eric Chuberre,  commander of the Gard gendarmerie group.< /p>

The search continues to find the 13-year-old teenager, the last person missing in the Dions tragedy which occurred on Saturday evening after the discovery yesterday of the body of the father of the family. Only the mother survived the tragedy.

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