Wedding after the show, the Bachelor: the moderator opened the main intrigue, Dobrynin “ripe”

Свадьба после шоу Холостяк: ведущий раскрыл главную интригу, Добрынин "созрел"

Nikita Dobrynin

Romantic reality TV “the Bachelor”, which is an adaptation of the popular American project “The Bachelor”, now in its ninth year, airs on TV channel STB.

Свадьба после шоу Холостяк: ведущий раскрыл главную интригу, Добрынин "созрел"

the star of the reality show “the Bachelor” Nikita Dobrynin

This year, the place of the Bachelor took the presenter Nikita Dobrynin.

What is the main difference between the current Bachelor of heroes of the past, what girl is able to conquer his heart and why couples break up after the end of the project to all these questions is “Know.ia” said the permanent host of the reality Grigoriy Reshetnik.

Свадьба после шоу Холостяк: ведущий раскрыл главную интригу, Добрынин "созрел"

Nikita Dobrynin and Gregory Reshetnik

Host of the popular show commented on the accusations from the audience that after the TV romance daily lives of the characters rarely ends with a happy ending, although many fans looking forward to the wedding of the bachelors with their beloved.

“I’ll explain it very simply. First, in our show there are no such scenario, defined roles, replicas, the second of the duplicates – we do not Beresnev. And that’s the success of “the Bachelor” for nine seasons. It nibles discussed. Upon request to Google we’re always first. Due to the fact that it’s a reality, we have the confidence of the audience. Second question – our project is not about the wedding. We have a project about the relationship between a man and a woman, about the elements of courtship. A wedding is not an end in itself. I will tell you, some Bachelors lived for six months with the choice. So, a little bit not enough, but life happens.Therefore, there will be a wedding or not – does not depend on us, and do not want to do it artificially. It’s a reality where really involved the fate of the people and to build the element of trust,” said Reshetnik.

Свадьба после шоу Холостяк: ведущий раскрыл главную интригу, Добрынин "созрел"

Gregory Reshetnik with the participants on the show the Bachelor

In addition, the broadcaster commented on the tastes of the bachelor season 9 Nikita Dobrynin, who began actively to Express sympathy towards specific girls.

“Nikita is very important authenticity. He speaks about it. Women often give themselves the same date and in the circle of participants is a completely different person. There I good and fluffy, and girls bitch. Accordingly the girl is all talk. The second point is this fluid connection. This is also important. Passion, feelings. We have many different passionate meetings. So another trump card of Nikita, and how it differs from others – he was married. He is able to make decisions, be responsible. He knows what it’s like to be married. I mean, he’s already a little bit different looks – and this was not one Bachelor” – said Reshetnikov.

Recall, 22-year-old master of law degree from Odessa Dean left the project “the Bachelor” because of a misunderstanding with the eligible bachelor by Nikita Dobrynin.

As reported previously Know.ia, Nikita Dobrynin spoke in sign language and explained why everyone should know.

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