Wedding Nastya Kamensky and Potap details of the ceremony and video

Nastya Kamensky married Potap 23 may

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Finally it happened: Nastya Kamensky and Potap got married, and this is the official information!

May 23, the couple became engaged in one of the country’s most expensive restaurants of Kiev. And the day before, the morning of this day, Potap has released a sensual video-Declaration of love, the main character of which was “his little girl” Anastasia.

“Thank you, captain, that protected us from prying eyes, words, posts. Thank you for supporting my choice, that happiness loves silence. Thank you that you protect our love” – these words commented on a new song of his beloved Nastya Kamensky.

Recall that the last few years the media and fans constantly discussed the relationship of this pair, but they did not comment on his probable affair.

Свадьба Насти Каменских и Потапа: подробности церемонии и видео

Wedding Nastya Kamensky and Potap

Journalists “Sarcofago high road”, which received the footage from the wedding Potap and Nastya. With video it became clear that the ceremony took place in the woods to the sounds of a white Grand piano. Guests of the event were the star friends spouses. It seems, walked at the wedding the whole of the Ukrainian show-business!

Efrosinina Masha, Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov, Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes, Alex Zavgorodniy with his wife, best friend of the bride – Anna, Tina, Olga Polyakova and others. For Nastia this marriage was the first, but the captain was already married with producer Irina Gorovoy, who bore him a son Andrew. The word ex-wife was also at the wedding of the rapper.

We also showed how to look celebrity guests at the wedding of Nastya Kamenskih and Potap.

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