Wedding widower of Jeanne Friske Shepeleva jeopardy: a colleague threatened to reveal compromising

Свадьба вдовца Жанны Фриске Шепелева под угрозой срыва: коллега пригрозила раскрыть компромат

today, 10:00

Dmitry Shepelev, a former lover of the late Jeanne Friske has officially announced his relationship with Catherine Tulupova. This news caused a strong reaction of the public.

Relations Dmitry Shepelev with Catherine Tulupova are the first official after he passed away mom only son of Plato Zhanna Friske. Many followers reacted strongly to the recognition Shepeleva in their new relationship.

Sanvalentino that he – EY, and a new novel is just a cover. In response, Shepelev hinted that if this were indeed so, then he would have to contact Lera Kudryavtseva. Hearing this, Kudryavtseva threatened to reveal some dirt on him. Hatari immediately stepped up and began the persecution of Dmitry in the comments.

“Because here comes the news, if I get married, decided you have to ask, how did you introduce children to your new partner? In our case, Kate turned so that our children met first – they went to the same kindergarten. So, it turns out that Kate introduced our children. We have not yet begun to meet, and the children were inseparable. By the way, they are still best friends,” wrote Shepelev.

However, there are also defenders Shepelev, who regard him as decent and honest man.

“Good for you, I wish you success in your personal life and work, Dmitry, you are a wonderful person!!!!”, “Always keep Cams for you!!”, “Dmitry, You are done. Very witty answers to stupid and evil comments. Keep it up!”, commented on the post members.

We will remind, the widower of Jeanne Friske for the first time showed a new love: “We were introduced by our children”.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the widower Friske and Shepelev preparing for the wedding.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the father of Jeanne Friske made a surprise announcement about her daughter’s death.

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