“Weekend full of sunrises and sunsets”: the soloists KAZKA told about a favorite vacation

"Уикенд, полный рассветов и закатов”: солисты KAZKA рассказали о любимом отдыхе

The popularity of KAZKA is gaining momentum. Ukrainian team since February, started to tour the world and have already visited Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Israel and other countries. Soon the song KAZKA hear residents of the United States and Canada. As told “Znayu” vocalist Alexander zarycka, now the group has a very busy schedule and time for relaxation are almost there. But, according to Sasha, she has a dream to travel the world.

“I love to explore the world. New countries, cities, streets. New experiences, cultures, languages and people. While I’m really enjoying the fact that regularly travel with the group,” shared Alexander.

The singer noted that of those countries where was able to visit a special impression she made the Cyprus.

“A pleasure to know that people abroad come to our concerts. We recently returned from Cyprus, where after the concert we had a few days to rest. It was a memorable weekend with friends full of sunrises and sunsets. Often be!” – added Zaritskaya.

Dmitry Mazurek hails from Bukovina. For him, the rest of the trip home.

“No trip to the edge of the world to an exotic country, in impenetrable jungle or on the Cote d’azur I would not trade to their native Carpathian mountains. The only place I feel in its place. The only place I truly relax body and soul, enjoy the space around and restore power,” – said Dima “Znayu”.

The musician plays various folk instruments, the group most often seen with a Fife in hand. We will add that Dima was born in the village of Ispas vyzhnytskiy district of Chernivtsi region. He grew up near the Carpathian mountains.

“Every free weekend I was running away from the city noise in there. There’s mom’s delicious food, there are friends, fresh air and the feeling of home,” he said.

The third soloist of group Nikita KAZKA Budach admitted “Znayu” that low desires. And the question about his favorite holiday, he replied with humor.

“I love to sleep. But who cares what I like? So we have forever to travel, go on picnics, to the movies, eat and so on. Save only that we are touring quite a lot, so moving from place to place. A seat in the bus is, of course, not a double bed, but still nothing!” the musician said.

Sasha zaritska reminded that the group is actively preparing for the autumn recital in Kiev.

“Time to go back to work, because we are in full swing recording their new album, NIRVANA, and the preparations for our big solo concert at the Sports Palace on 14 November. Next stay is expected any time soon, but ahead of us a lot of unforgettable meetings with students” – summed up artist.

"Уикенд, полный рассветов и закатов”: солисты KAZKA рассказали о любимом отдыхе


We will remind, earlier known Ukrainian producer Yuriy Nikitin openly talked about discrediting KAZKA in the national selection.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Yuri Nikitin introduced the new youth project – international Duo GRLS.

Also “Znayu” wrote that a group of KAZKA became double winners of the national musical award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”.


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