Weekends and holidays in may 2019 in Ukraine

Find out how Ukrainians have a rest on may holidays in 2019

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2 APR, 18:27

Выходные и праздничные дни в мае 2019 года в Украине

Holidays in may 2019

What weekends and holidays are waiting for Ukrainians in may 2019? How and how long we rest for holidays in may 2019? What other official state and international important dates we celebrate in may 2019 in Ukraine? Read more in our article.

Warm, kind and friendly may, in anticipation of the hot summer, many people traditionally spend on the nature. This is a wonderful time of holidays, picnics, barbecues, popular fun and festivities. And now you can think about vacation, plan to enjoy the festive season and weekends, it is important to know in advance when and how many days the Ukrainian law rest in may 2019.

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Weekends and holidays in may 2019

Besides the traditional Saturdays and Sundays only in may 2019 will be two official state holiday, being public holidays.

May 1 – labour Day, falls on a Wednesday. It is noteworthy that this year, this may day is the final legitimate day off in a string of weekend dedicated to the Easter. As you know, the Ukrainians got five whole days off in a row, from Saturday 27 April to Wednesday 1 may.

May 9 – victory Day over Nazism, which falls on Thursday. In addition, the pre-day on 8 may will be shortened by 1 hour.

Saturday, may 11 – on the contrary, will be a work day. Ukrainians will practice postponed on the eve of Tuesday April 30 on the recommendation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. But this working day is shortened by 1 hour.

The total number of working days in may is 22 days. Official public holidays and weekends in late spring will be 9.

Holidays in may 2019

We offer to your attention a full list of important professional, national, international holidays and significant dates that are celebrated in may 2019, in addition to the official weekend. Don’t forget to congratulate your friends and relatives who are involved in these dates.

May 1
International workers ‘ day.

May 2
– World day of parasite.

3 may
World press freedom day.

4 may
International firefighters day.

5 may
International day for the rights of persons with disabilities.

7 may
The day of the radio.

May 8
– Day of memory and reconciliation in Ukraine, as well as the international day of red cross and red Crescent societies.

May 9
– Victory day over Nazism in the Second world war.

May 11
World migratory bird day and international astronomy day.

May 12
Mother’s day in Ukraine, as well as the world day of nurses.

May 15
– International day of families.

May 16
– The day of embroidery.

May 18
– International Museum day, and the Day of Europe in Ukraine, the Day of science in Ukraine, as well as the Day of struggle for the rights of the Crimean Tatar people.

19 may
– Day of memory died of AIDS.

May 20
World Metrology day, world trauma day and the Day of Bank personnel of Ukraine.

23 may
– Day of the marine corps of Ukraine.

24 may
– The day of Slavic writing and culture, as well as the beginning of the last calls in the schools of Ukraine.

25 may
– The day of workers of publishing houses, Polygraphy and book distribution in Ukraine, and also the day of the philologist.

26 may
– The chemist’s day.

30 may
– Day of women’s emancipation.

31 may
– World no tobacco day.

Earlier we told you when is celebrated Easter, 2019 in Ukraine.

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Выходные и праздничные дни в мае 2019 года в Украине

Выходные и праздничные дни в мае 2019 года в Украине

Выходные и праздничные дни в мае 2019 года в Украине


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