Welcome home !

Bienvenue chez vous !

Those who have already gone to Matane know that it is welcomed by the smiling cetacean of the Camping Parc Sirois La Baleine. Currently, he proudly wears a mask, big polythene blue that it was installed for the occasion, to greet the visitors as friendly way.


In the current context, the people of the great city in general and Montreal in particular – are wondering how they will be received if they are going to do a tour in a ” cold region “, little affected by the COVID-19. Some of the comments seen on social networks suggests that the regional does not want to see us.

Don’t you believe it ! Owners of lodging as those who prefer to work at the shack potatoes rather than waiting for the PCU you will receive with a beautiful smile. They had expected !


Of course, we do not express to do the nasty. We use the disinfectant at the entrance of the shops, we wear the mask by going to the grocery store, to the pharmacy or to the SAQ, and we respect the bubble people. It is like it has a little too much stopped in the city, would like.

Because we do the will hide not, and this has frightened some people in the region, it is many images of Montreal leading the good life in the parks, such as at the time of the pre-pandemic. It has rendered service to anyone.

But otherwise, by taking precautions and remaining aware of the situation, it is a nice experience now to discover our Quebec and go to see our world that we visit too often.

They are counting on us and they are waiting for us, ask the people of the Magdalen islands… Go ! As we can not go to cheat Charlevoix with the United States, so let’s go for a ride. The regions are déconfinées also and they are open to the trade and to the beautiful encounters.

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