Welcome to the nightclub hidden

Bienvenue à la boîte de nuit masquée

In the night clubs, one thing has changed since the COVID-19 : the mask no longer on the eyes as in the masked balls, but on the mouth and the nose. Of montreal institutions, such as The Arch and the Joverse, forcing the actual port.

These two bars are located in Old Montreal, are distributing face masks and disposable to their customers as they enter, and ask them to wear them except when they are sitting at their table and ready to eat.

“It’s still cool,” said Olivia, a young woman who came to spend his Friday night at The Vault with his girlfriend, Melanie. It stated that the heat caused by wearing a mask would not prevent to have fun.

“To say that there needs to be masks, and that they [the bars] in the distribute, it reassures me,” added Melanie.


For the owner of The Vault, Nazim Tedjini, it is very important that the government rules are followed to the letter. “If the bars and other industries don’t follow the rules, and people act as if it were not for the COVID-19, we’re going to close in three weeks and I will be one of the biggest losers,” he argues.

This is why it has spent more than $ 20,000 in the purchase of sanitary material, such as plexiglas panels to separate the clients from each other. It is also assured of having enough people to ensure the grain.

At the centre, the owner of The Vault Nazim Tedjini poses with his porters, all dressed in masks and protective eyewear.

“I kept the same membership that I had with my initial capacity of 520 persons to accommodate 230 people,” said Mr. Tedjini.

At Joverse, a few blocks away, the temperature of the customers is taken as the input to the aid of a machine. If it exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, the visitor is denied entry.

The owner of the place, Matt Guerguerrian, wants his establishment to be a role model for its counterparts, which do not always comply with the rules. “We have put in place measures they thought were the most realistic in the time that we live now,” he says.


With the coronavirus, the nature of several night clubs to see changed.

“It is no longer a club, it is a lounge. Seats, music a lot more relaxed, everything is left behind”, detailed Mr. Tedjini.

The music chosen can effectively avoid confrontations in a way that is almost as important as plexiglas panels.

“It is a little tricky. Our job, first, it is to dance with our world. It is a complete change in the direction of the evening,” said the disc jockey Zack Cola, who moderated the evening to The Vault.

It was still a satisfaction to be on the decks this evening opening. “This is not because I can’t dance to that I can not improve their party”, he said, ready to face the challenge. “There’s nothing that’s going to topper it. It is an evening to remember for a lifetime.”

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