Welcome to the Wild West

Bienvenue au Far West

Definitely, the wave of denunciations of sexual misconduct do not seem to want to slow down. Victory of the victims or the end of the presumption of innocence ? Up to you to choose.

It was risky and unpopular to say, but I’m concerned about the abuses that come inevitably with sentences without trial.

The tar and the feathers

The advantage of social media, is that they give a voice to those who do not. On the web, many of the victims were able to reclaim their dignity, to regain control over the narrative of the facts of atrocity that they have experienced.

Unfortunately, the defendants, themselves, have no way to defend themselves, once appointed. Like the Wild West, it is the tar and feathers, without any form of trial.

It is true that it takes courage, immense to denounce his aggressor, and that false accusations are extremely rare, but they exist much more on the web than in “real life” elsewhere. But talking about it is call the throwing of stones.

So, how can we, on the one hand, to believe unconditionally victims who denounce, but also to believe in the presumption of innocence ? These days, it is impossible to conduct this discourse without being attacked, to dismount.

Manual of self-defense

At the heart of the majority of these stories, there is the concept of consent. The one that we give, that we should be able to withdraw at any time, that it is necessary to apply and validate at every moment.

The tragedy is that a number still too important to young people come in life without having the capacity to listen to that little voice, deep down, that their cries to say no.

Does that exonerate the perpetrators ? CERTAINLY NOT. Does that invalidate the trauma of the victims ? It should not be.

But as long as one thinks that the solution lies only on the side of the future aggressors, we will close the eyes on 50 % of the problem.

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