Well known characters, a discreet actor in

Des personnages connus, un acteur discret

Its name tells you maybe nothing, but her face, certainly. After 26 years, to combine the roles in the most popular series in quebec, Martin-David Peters has received, last week, on his first appointment to the Gemini. “This is huge for me,” responded the actor is 52 years old.

The list of series in which you have probably noticed Martin-David Peters is very long. Of her first roles in The princess astronaut and Never two without you, passing by The heirs Duval, Blue Moon, Letting go, Horse, Snake, ram, Boomerang, O’, Too , and The Simone, Martin-David Peters has never ceased to exercise his passion since his graduation from the conservatoire of dramatic art in 1994.

He shined in both the skin of the investigator Perez in black Series as a “worker farm ladle and nono” in the last season of Facts of a variety, of roles that have given him the taste to do more comedy.

But it is for his character Christian Peter, a police officer benevolent in Fragile, the series that has marked the spirits earlier this year, that the recognition of a nomination in the category Best supporting male role has finally arrived.

“This character here, it was practically a first for me,” he explains, ” at the other end of the wire. Often, I have played characters that have a function : the lawyer, the doctor, the paramedic, the police officer. But in Fragile, this is not my function, which is important, it is [my] relationship with the character of Sandrine Bisson. I was able to go in to emotions, give other colors. I loved it. “

“Things are changing “

Martin-David Peters hosts with a lot of humility to this appointment, he shares with Patrick Hivon, René Richard Cyr and his colleagues of the Fragile Christian Bégin and Martin Drainville.

“For me, it is a total surprise,” he said. First, I do not think that at all, because we are going through quite a difficult period in our midst. Me and several of my friends, actors and actresses, it is the face of the unknown. I’m on the PCU as ” artists “, let he know.

“This appointment has given me back energy and a certain hope,” says the one who anticipates a gala “will go down in history” next fall due to the particular context.

But there is no context to the presentation of the gala that was talking to them last week. The lack of diversity on screen is a topic that raises debate for several years already.

“It’s been a long time that I am here, I went through the times, he commented. Me, I see a change compared to my debut. There is always room for improvement, but I really see that things are changing and that the series started more and more to reflect what is happening around us. “

Of the hollow cross

If you don’t know a lot Martin-David Peters, is that the actor, who also dabbles in the theatre and the cinema, is held away from the star system. The father of two girls 11 and 14 year old, he enjoys his “small quiet family life” on the South Shore.

The son of a father native to the west Indies and a mother born in Abitibi, he enrolled later at the conservatory, after studies in robotics and in philosophy. If it has started to combine the roles as early as 1994, he concedes that he has been through a few troughs of waves in a 26-year career. “It took that I often another job in parallel to be able to get there,” he said.

The pandemic is another hollow to cross. Martin-David Peters had three shoots scheduled this summer. Unfortunately, it will not only one.

Passionate about reading, the actor has, however, used this pause involuntarily, to write his first book, a mixture of essay and fiction, a dream cherished for a long time. “This is what I did to keep my mental balance “, he said with a chuckle.

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