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Anna Panova shared their daily routine – from morning coffee to read “for the night”

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Известная телеведущая рассказала, как проходит ее день

TV Presenter Anna Panova

Newscaster of “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine” Anna Panova, who recently celebrated the 5th anniversary on the air, shared their intense daily routine in the social network Facebook. Thus, the star supported the flash mob to a new holiday – the Day of Ukrainian-based news Today.

Find out in this video why Anna Panova traded ballet for a Studio news:

Leading, known for its active lifestyle, told in detail about my morning, busy working day and life after work. Anna noted that her day starts with coffee with a slice of cheese. Also in the morning she has time to look through the information feeds on the Internet and morning news, yoga to start your day, and learn English or French via Skype.

“Next, I go to work. The production of news “Today” does not stop for a minute. Here at this table, which we call the deck, going editors, presenters, journalists together to decide what gets into the release. Join me. Immediately after the release planning is makeup. Where do without him? A hair and makeup took us about 40 minutes. Clothes to live, I choose myself. Today take, for example, this gown and get changed 15 minutes before airtime. The last hours before we release a real time trouble – my job is to write news, connections to the stories and to formulate questions to the guest of Studio”, – said Anna Panova, calling 30 seconds to air the climax of his day’s work.

Известная телеведущая рассказала, как проходит ее день

Anna Panova

“And when the broadcast is complete, I still have time for ballet lessons. The evening cooking dinner. Preference is given to healthy food. Before sleep read something interesting and useful. So my day was and tomorrow will be new plans and achievements,” concluded his day’s leading news channel “Ukraine”.

We remind you that on 22 August news “Today” announces a new holiday – Day of Ukrainiandevoted to the everyday life of those who are, or feel themselves Ukrainians around the world. Everyone can join this celebration and tell your social networks what it means to be Ukrainian today. In the news broadcast, the “Today” leading Maxim Sikora and Olga hricik will tell you unusual stories from the life of Ukrainians in different continents.

And very soon, August 24, we will celebrate one of the most iconic holidays of the year. Where to celebrate, where to go, interesting facts and much more you will find in our special topic – the independence Day of 2019.

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Известная телеведущая рассказала, как проходит ее день

Известная телеведущая рассказала, как проходит ее день

Известная телеведущая рассказала, как проходит ее день


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