Wellness: living in peace

Wellness: living in peace


If you're tired of tormenting yourself over nothing and complicating your life all the time, maybe you should rethink your ways of looking at life and change your perspective. In their book 16 sesames for a marvelous life, Juliette Dumas and Locana Sansregret propose 16 ancestral principles to pass to the state of serenity and to live happy. 

 Well-being: living in peace

16 sesames for a wonderful life
Juliette Dumas and Locana Sansregret
Éditions Flammarion
192 pages

Several principles of life are mentioned in order to succeed in integrating them into life, starting with benevolence. Show altruism towards others, of course, but also towards yourself. 

If, for example, you have suffered a setback and to compensate you swallow the container of ice cream or drink alcohol, you are doing violence to yourself and in the end it will not change anything in the face of the failure suffered. 

The idea is simply to become aware of it and to replace certain gestures with others where love, kindness and respect are at the center of your thoughts. By showing compassion towards oneself, instead of feeling ugly, one avoids certain inner conflicts and feelings of resentment to invite peace within oneself.

Learning to see the good side of things would also be a good start to see life differently.

When a negative thought emerges in you, in particular because of a criticism, instead of maintaining it and letting it take up all the space in your mind for days on end, take the time to sit down and take a deep breath. . Thanks to different breathing techniques mentioned in this book, it is possible, mentally, to sweep away this thought and the emotions associated with it and see them fly away like a gust of wind to give way to something positive that has occurred. . It can be as simple as a smile someone gave you.

Ancestral principles

The 16 ancestral principles of raja yoga from ancient India, a mental art of living that has existed for 7,000 years, are dissected in this book. These principles are an amalgamation of philosophy, positive living, enlightenment and benevolent spirit adapted to today's world. They give keys to face the challenges that are on our way.

We realize that life is a kind of mirror. Wickedness breeds malevolence and unpleasant people are unhappy.

Conversely, happiness breeds bliss. Start by giving a compliment to someone, then to another, if they are sincere you will gradually see that their attitude will change towards you. The same goes with thoughts of love instead of criticism. And even if it does not change anything for the attitude of others, you will feel more inner peace by acting in this way. It's a bit like moving slowly towards well-being.

Increase your vitality

Wellness: living in peace

The fire withinMarie-Pierre Dillenseger
Robert Laffont Editions
198 pages

We know from the outset that it takes courage and willpower to achieve your goals. However, without the vitality to accompany its strengths, we risk standing still. Better still, for the author, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, it is vitality, which is also called inner fire or the breath of life, which is the source of all our success. It’s what fuels accomplishment, it’s also what we associate with bold acts and the joy of being alive. If vitality is attributed to youth, unfortunately it tends to disappear with age. Moreover, it is enough to watch children play to believe that vitality is an inexhaustible source. However, as we get older we realize that it is different. To remedy this, the author offers about twenty techniques to increase her vitality, regardless of age, in order to achieve her achievements. Thus, we propose to maintain its vitality and nourish it. Vitality is recognized by a feeling of joy, the desire to move and the desire to achieve. Those who are overflowing with vitality are bubbly, overflowing with enthusiasm, and above all, they are happy. Vitality is neither more nor less than an antidote to sadness. Among his suggestions, exercise, stand up as often as possible, especially when talking on the phone, breathe better, become aware of your own frustrations to better remedy them and push back your physical and psychological limits, because most time we are able to do more than we anticipated. Another secret, surrounding yourself with people overflowing with vitality would be beneficial, since it is contagious. 

Coming to terms with fear

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Wellness: living in peace

The day I tamed my fear
Amélia Lobbé
Le Courrier du livre
187 pages

It is said that fear is a negative feeling to be avoided at all costs. This is partly true, but not completely, according to author and psychologist, Amélia Lobbé. In his book, we learn that anxiety, this unpleasant emotion, composed of worry and apprehension, is a derivative of fear. Nevertheless, fear would have its uses since anxiety, like fear, warns us of dangers, tensions and problems to be solved. It is therefore a natural reaction and it is not necessarily a good idea to want to suppress it completely. The fear of the unknown, the fear of being attacked or even the fear of getting hurt while practicing an extreme sport is, according to individuals, something normal. It is in a way a tool in order to survive, a small voice to listen to. This avoids placing us in a dangerous situation. This emotion is essential, as long as we do not sink into phobia. Hence the importance of learning to tame it rather than trying to eliminate it so that it does not completely invade our life or our vision of things.