“We’re afraid”: two bedbugs found at Mucem, the Marseille museum closed since the start of the week

“We’re afraid”: two bedbugs found at Mucem, the Marseille museum closed since the start of the week

Le Mucem était fermé pour un examen complet, il réouvrira mercredi 9 juillet. MAXPPP – Julien Miskizak/Le Pictorium

Le musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem) est fermé depuis lundi 8 juillet pour un examen complet du site à cause de deux punaises de lit.

Bed bugs at Mucem. A week after the first report, the management of the Marseille museum decided to close its doors for a complete examination of the premises, according to La Provence.

Several employees on sick leave

Following confirmation of the presence of bedbugs last Wednesday, several rooms were closed. Since then, around twenty reception agents and employees have taken sick leave. This led management to close the museum entirely for a full review.

"We have quite little communication from management", explains an employee. "We were initially told that bedbugs were only present in three rooms, but colleagues were bitten on the roof terrace or in the forum , yet presented as healthy. One agent even fears having brought some home. We are in the dark. We are afraid", she testifies.

Whitespace was processed immediately

For its part, management believes that this fear is "sometimes irrational". "Sniffer dogs stopped in three exhibition rooms, which led us to immediately treat these spaces", explains the president of Mucem, Pierre-Olivier Costa.

"Faced with the fears of the agents, we put in place a triple expertise and we went beyond what was recommended for this type of case . This is why we closed this Monday, for a complete examination to reassure everyone. The bites were also examined and none were caused by bedbugs." he adds.

After fully examining the museum, experts confirmed that space is absent of bedbugs. Normally, the Mucem will open its doors on Wednesday.

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