“We’re alive”: the Ukrainian group “Baminton” conquered the whole of China, has helped Leo Tolstoy

"Мы еще живы": украинская группа "Бамбинтон" покорила весь Китай, помог Лев Толстой


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Famous Ukrainian music band “Bambino” has won the most prestigious annual music award of Central Asia Eurasian Music Awards. Therefore, musicians Evgeny and Anastasia Triple Lisitsyn received the award in the nomination “Breakthrough of Eurasia”.

As noted, well-known in China, the group has become thanks TikTok, where the song “you know” teenagers from around the world filmed a variety of videos. Thus, in the early autumn “of Bamberton” were invited foreign guests project Universal Show for the main channel of China’s CCTV, and within days at the ice Palace Arena Almaty took the coveted statuette Eurasian Music Awards in the category “Breakthrough of Eurasia”.

"Мы еще живы": украинская группа "Бамбинтон" покорила весь Китай, помог Лев Толстой


At the same time, the band released a new video for the song “dance, Dance”, which is based on story of Leo Tolstoy’s “the Kreutzer Sonata”.

“When you have passion, it makes sense to resist her. And pain it will bring? This song is a reflection of the experiences of recent years. As always, under the guise of deliberate Trusovo hiding vital things. They do not need to understand their need to feel. The symbol of this clip – violin. The anxiety intensifies, and we continue to dance, because we are still alive, ” said the team member.

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