“We’re going to respect the law”: Legault serves as a warning to keepers of bars

«On va faire respecter la loi»: Legault sert un avertissement aux tenanciers de bars

François Legault serves as a warning to the tenants of the bar, which threaten to re-open with or without the green light from authorities: “we will enforce the law,” he warned in a press conference.

Since the announcement of the resumption of restoration activities as of June 15, outside the greater Montreal and June 22 in the city, the bar owners have been many to denounce the injustice of which they consider themselves victims.

In fact, only the bars which have a licence to prepare food, so those who serve meals, will re-open at the same time as the restaurants.

Some owners of bars that should stay closed is now considering to disobey.

“It is necessary to comply with the law, there”, recalled Tuesday, the prime minister, when questioned about it.

The bars will have to remain closed

Mr. Legault stressed the importance of continuing the déconfinement “gradually”, and that “for the good of the whole of quebec society”, he argues.

“The last thing we want is to have an increase in the spread of the virus because it opens everything at the same time”, observed the prime minister.

The reopening of the bars will come “eventually,” said Mr. Legault.

In the meantime, “we’re going to enforce the law, then what needs to be closed must remain closed”, has hammered the head caquiste.

During the announcement of the resumption of rehabilitation activities, on Monday, the minister of Labour, Employment and social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, noted that in addition to the 1000 prevention officers of the government, 450 inspectors CNESST will be made to ensure compliance with the new health standards.


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