Western Association: Hottest fight in NHL history?

Western Association: Hottest fight in NHL history?


The playoff run in the Western Conference is exceptional. If the Seattle Kraken, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames and Nashville Predators are battling for the final two spots to advance to the playoffs, the races inside the Central and Pacific sections are exciting.&nbsp ;

The current format, in effect since the 2013-2014 season, has rarely given the right to three such intense battles simultaneously within the same association.

In Central, the Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild tentatively share the lead with 98 points in 77 games. However, the Colorado Avalanche have not said their last word, having collected 96 points in the standings in 75 games.

The stakes are high and go far beyond the regular season sectional championships. In Central, it's a safe bet that the Stars, Wild and Avalanche are hoping to avoid a duel against a division rival in the first round. However, two of these teams will not be able to avoid a confrontation against each other. Meanwhile, the other club may enjoy a less dangerous mission against, quite possibly, the Kraken.

The Avalanche, defending Stanley Cup champions, seem to have their destiny in hand . After two games against the Sharks, Tuesday and Thursday in San Jose, Nathan MacKinnon and his teammates will complete their season by facing, in order, the Kings, the Anaheim Ducks, the Oilers, the Jets and the Predators.

Important victory for the Golden Knights

The top of the Pacific Division is currently occupied by the Golden Knights, who scored a success on Monday night, beating the Wild after the shootout. 

The Las Vegas team now has 103 points after 77 games. The Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers, the latter having won their last four games, follow at 100 points and 99 points respectively in 77 games.