“What a thrill”: a Lolita with a knife in his hand took revenge on her ex-husband and posted a video

"Какой же это кайф": Лолита с ножом в руках отомстила бывшему мужу и выложила видео

Lolita, RG

today, 07:46

The scandalous Russian singer Lolita, who is now in the process of divorce from fifth husband Dmitry Ivanov, made a video of how defeated his gift. The video was published in one of the Russian telegram channels. It heard the voice of Lolita, which is clearly good drink, and began to take video carpet, which she once gave her husband, and she has now decided to destroy.

"Какой же это кайф": Лолита с ножом в руках отомстила бывшему мужу и выложила видео

Lo and Dmitry Ivanov Teleprogramma

As can be seen, the jilted wife decided to give a gift to mock her ex-husband and pulled him from the wall, parallel shredding it to pieces. All this star commented relish, nedobora words – she curses her husband and loudly swearing. “What a thrill! Get it necessarily, I cut it not the whole!”, – loves of Lolita on video. “No, this is not another St. Petersburg porn. It’s just a carpet, which gave lolita her husband Dmitry Ivanov and which the singer has vented all the grievances on (almost) of the former,” reads the caption to the video.

We will remind, ex-husband of Lolita told the sordid details of the divorce.

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Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Pugachev, Moses, and Lolita has unveiled their pensions.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that young husband of 55-year-old Lolita the site has an affair with a striking brunette.

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