“What about Quinoa?”: “sinful” video Lindemann had in mind even mannered Germans

"А что с Лободой?": "грешное" видео Линдеманна пришлось по душе даже воспитанным немцам

today, 12:41

We remind our readers that the leader of Rammstein’s til Lindemann, in his new musical project “Lindemann” presented a clip “Frau & Mann”, where you can see well-known Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda.

This became known thanks to a new video on the YouTube channel of the group.

It is known that in the clip starred his musical partner, Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda and actor Peter Stormare, who played the role of the Russian cosmonaut Lev Andropov in “Armageddon”.

"А что с Лободой?": "грешное" видео Линдеманна пришлось по душе даже воспитанным немцам

Screenshot with Svetlana Loboda from the clip of “Lindemann”, YouTube

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The clip was filmed in Saint-Petersburg. Unfortunately, in the YouTube comments to the video are closed, but users are actively discussing the clip in Lindemann accounts in Facebook and Instagram. German fans shared their impressions.

The majority of German fans of the Duo left exclusively rave reviews, calling the clip is cool, awesome and funny.

“Very unusual and unexpected! Uncharacteristic music video, a lot of symbolism and fun”, – shared his impressions in Facebook fan under the name Mimi Beckmann.

“Cool video. Especially the ending. You have surpassed themselves. A Pro is a Pro,” wrote to Instagram user @sa.rienne56666.

Recall, Loboda broke the head Lindemann in the new clip, fans don’t recognize the star: “where the bare rear*Tsy?”.

As reported Znayu Loboda was intrigued by the web of the mysterious photo: “Peasant style”.

Znayu wrote, seemed excited the network, the fans have exposed the personal life of the singer: “at least He doesn’t hide orientation”.

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