“What are you looking at me asshole”: a driver unknowingly insults the Bac police in Montpellier

“What are you looking at me asshole”: a driver unknowingly insults the Bac police in Montpellier

Les armes ont été retrouvées dans leur voiture. Midi Libre – Illustration G. L.

Lors de la fouille de la voiture, les policiers ont retrouvé deux couteaux et, surtout, un fusil à canon et crosse sciés.

When their eyes met, this 22-year-old driver, who was driving near the Place du 8-Mai-1945 in Montpellier, probably did not imagine that he was were police officers from the anti-crime brigade of the central police station on patrol, in their unmarked car.

Feeling as if he was being watched, he then insulted one of them: "What are you? ;rsquo;s looking at me asshole ?". But seeing the reaction of the '"baqueux", he immediately bit his fingers and accelerated to try to escape.

After taking avenue de la Liberté, boulevard Jacques-Fabre-de-Morlhon and rue de l’Industrie where, incidentally, he ran a red light, the accused was blocked in the traffic flow on the side of the Prés d’Arènes roundabout.

The butt of a rifle protruded from a sports bag

It was while going around the vehicle that the police noticed the butt of a rifle protruding from a sports bag placed there at the feet of the passenger, aged 20. The two individuals were immediately arrested.

The search found a knife with a 20cm blade on the driver. As well as a kitchen knife in the storage compartment. The firearm was, for its part, a rifle with a sawn stock and barrel.

Called to court

Already known to the police, the two explained that they were going to a pétanque competition and that they had bought the weapon recently. As for the 20cm blade, the driver explained that he used it for minor masonry work.

Released, they are both the subject of a summons by prior recognition of guilt and will have to explain the possession of these various weapons before the courts in as soon as possible.

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