What European countries often issue visas?

Какие страны Европы чаще всего выдают визы?

Какие страны Европы чаще всего выдают визы?

What European countries often issue visas?

The Association of tour operators of Russia has summed up the visa last year in Moscow.

May 16, 2019 at 09:18


In Moscow operates joint visa application centre, where applications are accepted for a Schengen (and not only) visas. However, this is only the medium that forms a package of documents; decision on issuance of a visa or denial of it is made solely by employees of consulates, which then transmitted the order.

According to the data for 2018 in Moscow most of all Schengen visas 477 319, issued Consulate of Spain, with 92% of the visas were multiple-entry. The share of visa denials made up only 1.3%.

In second place with 454 474 – Consulate General of Italy: here the failure rate is 1.8%, with almost 98% of the visas are multiple entry. The top 3 also included the French Consulate (366 033 visa). Greece gave significantly fewer visas, but 90% was repeated, and failures are not exceeded 1.2%

However, French diplomats are not so generous on the entry, like their colleagues from other States: only every second Schengen, decorated in 2018, was repeated, but this country often gives them just five years. And another difference is the relatively high number of refusals: 2.3 percent.

However this is not the record. The leaders in visa denials – the Consulate General of Norway (17,85%). Not very optimistic prospects and applicants visa to Belgium (3,35% failure rate), Germany (3,32%), Netherlands (2.9%) and Poland (2,5%). The Netherlands in General almost does not issue multiple entry visas: 3% of the total number of queries. In Malta it is 17%, the Czech Republic – up to 47.2% at 1.13 per cent bounce in Denmark – 48%, Hungary – almost 50%.

Top 10 most active in terms of issuing visas of the countries:
• Spain – 477 319;
• Italy – 454 474;
• France – 366 033;
• Greece – 346 332;
• Czech Republic – 207 360;
• Germany – 193 097;
• Finland – 71 375;
• Latvia – 56 621;
• Hungary – 47 113;
• Estonia – 39 926.

And least of all Schengen residents of the capital region in 2018 issued Iceland (1987), Luxembourg (2813) and Slovakia (7296). In total, in 2018, the Russians got 3 631 318 Schengen visas were denied almost every tenth applicant (9,6% of the total applications).

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