What happened to the body of Michael Jackson after death: the creepy details

In honor of the anniversary of the death investigators revealed the details

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Что было с телом Майкла Джексона после смерти: жуткие детали

Michael Jackson

Ten years ago, June 25, from not just a singer but a musical era – Michael Jackson. In honor of the anniversary of his death investigators and detectives have described the condition of the body of the king of pop after his death.

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As The Sun reported, investigators who examined the body of Michael Jackson immediately after his death, found at the head of the singer’s serious injuries.

“The first thing I noticed, it was his head. Because when he was in public, wearing a wig. Looking at his skin, the upper part of the head were serious wounds”, – told one of the investigators.

As the king of music in 1984 he received during the filming of a Pepsi advertisement serious burns on the head, he eventually began losing his hair, and he had to wear a wig, and to take powerful painkillers.

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“I don’t condone what he was using strong medication, but the pain he felt was unbearable,” said one of the detectives Scott Smith.

The police also said that Jackson in his 50 years, was relatively healthy and “was not supposed to die.” In addition, investigators said that he had found in his bedroom such strange items like baby dolls, needles, a Bulletin Board with pictures of young children, and so on. Earlier, Jackson was accused of child molesting.

Recall, after the release of the controversial film “Leaving Neverland”, the three largest radio station in Canada removed from the rotation to the songs of the king of pop. An official statement was made by the Director of marketing and communications of Cogeco media Media Christine Dicker. The reaction to the film was evident in the UK. The fact that the famous sculpture of Michael Jackson in London decided to demolish.

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