What happened to the orphan-the winner of a multimillion-dollar lottery

The girl spent the money on drugs, gifts to friends and plastic surgery

Vladimir Grisyuk

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Что случилось с сиротой-победительницей многомиллионной лотереи

Callie Rogers in 2003, tore a huge jackpot

16-year-old orphan from the English town of Workington Callie Rogers in 2003, he won a huge sum in a lottery – 1.8 million pounds (55,2 million UAH). When she was 16, she lived with a foster family and worked as a cashier. The girl tells that thwarted the jackpot changed her life not the best, and now she asks to raise the age limit for players under 18 years of age.

A few weeks after winning Kelly Rogers bought a house and moved there with the future father of their older children. According to Rogers, the money made her miserable: she spent it on drugs, gifts to friends and plastic surgery.

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“Friends asked for money for a new machine and I helped them – says Rogers in an interview with the Daily Mail. – I was unable to refuse. I realize now that I used because of my young age. I have had many fake friends”. She had to get over a breakup ended in a suicide attempt and termination of parental rights.

Что случилось с сиротой-победительницей многомиллионной лотереи

Kelly Rogers in 2019

Now the woman earns 12 thousand pounds ($367 thousand) per year and has three children. According to her, she feels happier than before, but still can’t shake the feeling of anxiety.

Earlier “Today” already wrote about a similar story. Huge win in the lottery have turned into unbearably harsh life of 48-year-old Adrian Bayford from the British Cambridgeshire. After 2012 the man hit the jackpot at 158 million pounds ($5.3 billion hryvnia) and was included in the list of the richest people in the UK, his life began to crumble.

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