What happens if you drop the lighter in the soup: a funny video

The client is one of Chinese restaurant chain checked an involuntary experiment

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Что будет, если уронить зажигалку в суп: курьезное видео

In China restaurant customer accidentally dropped a lighter in the soup

Client is a popular Chinese restaurant chain Haidilao in Kunming (Chinese province Yunnan) dropped the lighter into the dish when I gave it to a friend. The man tried to help the employee, but the result was serious burns.

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Published on YouTube CCTV footage you can see how the waitress trying to get a lighter ladle soup hot pot of broth in the pot, boil right on the table, to which you can add noodles, meat, tofu and vegetables. However, due to high temperature, the object exploded and the boiling broth fell on the employee of the restaurant and the guest, according to British newspaper Daily Mail.

The representative of Haidilao said that the company will conduct additional training of their employees, as this is not the first such incident. In February in the Chinese city of Chongqing, a visitor had deliberately thrown a lighter into the hot soup and triggered the explosion.

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