What herbs are blessed in the Church on Pentecost 2019

Collected on the trio herb dried and used in the treatment of diseases

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In 2019, the Trinity falls on June 16. On this day in the Church to be hallowed grass and bouquets of twigs of birch or maple. Today.Выяснилb Lifestyle that is Holy in the Church on the Day of the Holy Trinity.

Strange traditions associated with the Holy Trinity – watch the video:

According to folk tradition to sanctify the temple of herbs and bouquets of wild flowers and then put them in the house near the icons. It was believed that the Trinity blessed herbs protect the house from fire, not allowed to appear in a house of evil. Collected on the trio herb dried and used in the treatment of diseases: it was believed that the power of medicinal plants these days is increasing.

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  • Air (“angel grass”)

It was thought that Trinity air has a healing power: it disinfects the premises, gives positive energy, cure colds. Tincture of calamus treated toothache and gum inflammation, and adding dried marigold and burdock root, rinsed hair for their strengthening and growth.

  • Thyme (or creeping thyme)

In olden days it was believed that this plant gives strength and peace of soul. Even in Ancient Rome, thyme was added to the font to the soldiers, so that they were brave and did not lose his head in battle.

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The Orthodox Trinity

The thyme was dried and placed in pillows to promote restful sleep. Women sewed dried thyme with the amulet and gave to her husband: it was thought that he calms a violent temper.

  • Wormwood

According to legend, “grass cursed” scares away evil spirits from the house does not wind up mice and cockroaches, protects against the evil eye. Wormwood infusions soothe the nerves, a good influence on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, regulate the menstrual cycle.

  • Mint

Did you know that in the old days to attract customers merchants fumigated with smoke of dry mint shopping place? Such a calming, relaxing and soothing effect it has a plant. Housewives added mint to the salad: it was believed that the scent of mint is uplifting and contributes to the lively table conversation. Mint tea has a beneficial effect in nervous and heart diseases, restores tone to the body in case of a breakdown.

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