What Holy Easter in the Church: a list of permitted products

Find out what can be Holy in the Church on Easter, and what absolutely not to put in an Easter basket

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 12:18

With the approach of Easter, many believers question the supposed Holy Easter during the festive divine services. We decided to tell you more what foods, drinks or things to put in Easter basket and what is not Holy for Easter in any case.

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Collect Easter basket: take Holy Easter

Easter, or Easter Sunday, is the main event in the Church calendar, the oldest and most important Christian holiday. Major religious holiday Easter in 2019 will be celebrated on April 28.

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Yesterday, on Holy Saturday, the churches begin worship on the occasion. Many Ukrainians go to Church to attend the service and to consecrate the Easter basket. However, you need to collect it correctly, and you must know what you need hallow for Easter, because some products are mandatory for the consecration, and some to take is not recommended.

Что святить на Пасху в церкви: список разрешенных продуктов

What to take Holy Easter

So, what to put in the basket and what to take Holy Easter:

  • Most importantly, the Easter cake, which symbolizes the body of Christ and fullness of life. Cakes you can bake on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and on Saturday morning.
  • Also required element – dyed or painted eggs. They – an indispensable attribute of Easter. In Church tradition, eggs represent the Tomb in which lies the eternal life.
  • In addition, there must be some dairy: cheese, sour cream or cottage cheese Easter.
  • Put salt – a symbol of prosperity and health.
  • Also take a horseradish, symbolizing the power of the spirit.
  • Meat traditionally Holy bacon, pork, sausages and smoked.
  • The only alcohol that is suitable for the consecration, the wine of Cahors.

What is not Holy for Easter

You cannot sanctify vodka, beer or other alcohol, in addition to the above Cahors. It is impossible to bring into the Church of blood sausage. Also fall under the prohibition of money, keys, jewelry and other tangible assets.

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