What if divorced parents worked one day less per week ? We explain this idea mentioned by Gabriel Attal

What if divorced parents worked one day less per week ? We explain this idea mentioned by Gabriel Attal

Gabriel Attal a déjà testé ce dispositif quand il était ministre des Comptes publics. AFP POOL – LUDOVIC MARIN/POOL

A government seminar is due to examine at the end of March a system to reduce working weeks for divorced parents when they have custody of their child.

The system resurfaces. The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, would like to put in place a lighter week when the divorced parent is in charge of their children. Allow him to work 4 days instead of 5. the project reappeared in La Tribune Dimanche where the Prime Minister advocates "work better"< /em>by articulating his professional and private life more effectively.

A government seminar devoted to work on March 27, the day after the end of negotiations between the social partners on unemployment insurance, should make it possible to detail this system which takes up  & nbsp;the principle of the four-day week. Which is gaining more and more followers among employees and is favored by several unions.

A test at the Ministry of Public Accounts

The four-day week could then become a lever in the negotiations in order to find an agreement. For now, we know that this would allow divorced parents to work one less day when they are caring for their children. without knowing, however, whether this would be accompanied by a reduction in working hours.

Gabriel Attal knows the benefit of such a measure having experienced it in his administration during his time at the Ministry of Public Accounts. San device without reduction in working time.

A practice that exists abroad

the practice is not new. It has existed in the United Kingdom for almost two years. The campaign for the four day week campaign "had made it possible to reduce the number of burn-outs by 71% and that of sick leave by 65%. 39% of participants declared themselves less stressed", recalls Le Point.

Devices have also been tested in New Zealand, Iceland and Japan with rather positive results.

This is in any case an additional point in the negotiations between social partners on unemployment insurance. With a few blocking points on the menu: like the senior permanent contract or the universal time savings account.

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