What if we depoliticized the COVID file?

What if we de-politicized the COVID file?

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Here it is, it's done. Dr. Horacio Arruda has resigned.

As I wrote on Saturday, Quebec's director of public health played an important role during the first months of this crisis.

< p> He reassured us, made us feel secure.

It's not nothing.


But with the emergence of the Omicron variant, that has changed.

And over the past few months, more and more people have started to wonder if the national director of public health is still the one. man for the job.

It looked like he was not really up to date with the latest studies on COVID-19. He always seemed late. As if he didn't know what was going on in Europe.

Now that Dr Arruda is gone, I dare to ask a question: could we take the opportunity to depoliticize the issue of the fight against COVID-19?


“War is too serious a thing to entrust to the military”, said Clemenceau .

What if we said the same thing about the fight against the pandemic?

An idea, like this …

What would you say if it was a special committee made up members of different parties who made all the decisions regarding the fight against COVID-19?

Should a curfew be imposed or not? It is the committee – not the government – that will decide.

Should mandatory vaccination be imposed or not? Again, the committee will decide.

Because currently, there is only one gang that decides what is done or not: the CAQ.

The government manages more and more by decree. As if the COVID-19 file was HIS file. And that only the CAQ – I would even go so far as to say: only the PM – knew what to do.

Now, sorry, but good ideas, I hear a lot.

Some come from the PQ, others from the PLQ or from Québec solidaire.


You will tell me that François Legault consults public health experts before making any decision.

Do you still believe that?

Me, the more it goes, the more I have 'impression that the decisions taken by the government of Mr. Legault are purely political decisions.

Take the curfew. Why has Monsieur
Legault chosen to impose a curfew on everyone? Because it gives the impression that the government is taking action. That he's doing “something”. Even if that “something” looks like “anything.”

Ditto for the closing of shops on Sundays.

Mr. Legault was elected to manage the economy, education, etc.

Not to manage the fight against a pandemic of his own all alone.

The government even refuses to bring forward the resumption of parliamentary work and to answer the legitimate questions of the opposition parties! While the situation is urgent and the number of hospitalizations continues to climb!


In short, we should depoliticize the position director of public health (who currently reports to the deputy minister of health, which is a total aberration).

Then release everything related to the fight against the pandemic from the partisan joust.

Am I dreaming? Maybe …

But if there's a time to think 'outside the box', this is it …

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