What is better to wear a shirt: tips Kiev designer (photo)

С чем лучше носить вышиванку: советы киевского дизайнера (фото)

Beauty is appreciated everywhere, so Ukrainian embroidery is popular all over the world. And, of course, shirts like to wear in Ukraine. Day embroidered celebrated on the third Thursday of may, many are preparing in advance. Everyone wants to show off the most spectacular outfit with a rare technique of sewing, unique pattern… Embroidery wears for adults and children, women and men.

Particularly valuable, of course, is an ancient embroidery. The lucky ones can get that from my grandmother’s trunk, someone gets the rarities on the rallies of antique or is sent to a distant village and there he finds true masterpieces.

However, today in Ukraine there are seamstresses who create these works of art.

About the new trends of the “FACTS” told the Kyiv designer Natalia Shevchuk, creating ethnic outfits in tandem with his colleague, designer Svetlana Kubrak. Their work became known to many people. For Example, Montserrat Caballe, Ruslana, Zlata Ognevich Maria Yaremchuk…

By education I am a civil engineer, worked in the field of permitting documentation for construction, and Svetlana — decorator, — says Natalya Shevchuk. — The idea is to show the beauty of traditional Ukrainian outfit in the modern sound was born unexpectedly. Somehow we with Svetlana went to the Ivan Honchar Museum and went to the fair. One woman was spread out on a newspaper the old Cercado (vest with pleats. — Ed.) and the skirt. Light asked me to try them. I refused, saying that all this old, dusty. But Svetlana has convinced me. Things I liked, and I bought them. Home purchased clothes “brought to life” and began to wear. Cerceda looks very stylish with jeans. I liked the cut of the skirt. We with Svetlana have become interested in traditional Ukrainian clothes and accessories, and soon decided to create modern outfits. In 2012 we were invited to present their work in fan-zone of Euro-2012. We have created handbags with inserts of sleeveless embroidered shirts, they were the guests of Kiev with great success. It was all unbelievable, until 2012 we had no idea what we are going to do it.

— Heard that Montserrat Caballe, who had recently arrived in Kiev, you have created a very beautiful decoration.

It was coral beads with docucom (megalopodinae coin. — Ed.) after the ancient Ukrainian ornaments. The form of coins or ducats was awarded to the Cossacks, and they left to their daughters in inheritance. The girls used them as decorations. Dukach was often supplemented and bow. According to Montserrat Caballe, our beads she really liked and she promised to wear them on your concert in Ukraine. Opera singer collects jewelry, so understand their value.

We create clothing and accessories that women like to wear not only on holidays, but every day. Our beads are perfectly combined with a business suit, and the shirts have a modern comfortable styles. They can be worn with jeans.

С чем лучше носить вышиванку: советы киевского дизайнера (фото)

*Bomber jacket with sleeves made of old towels — an example of how ethno is combined with a sporty style

The collection includes bomber jackets, their sleeves are made of old towels that we bought at conventions and antique dealers. Tandem ethno and sports style is very relevant today. There are denim dresses and jackets with a vintage ornament. And even warm jackets decorated with embroidery. To master all the techniques of embroidery, I have graduated from the course at the Ivan Honchar Museum. When I started working, had to delve into the intricacies. For example, one old shirt, saw the Assembly, but could not understand how such beauty was created. I slightly ripped the thing, and the method became clear to me. Then repeatedly used it to work.

You create trends, modern embroidery. What they are today?

— Now actual bright colors. Perfectly matches the color of mango with blue. Very beautiful in the embroidered pattern and rich purple color. Do not lose their relevance black and white. The trend to wear shirts with jeans and sports shoes, in particular sneakers. It is unusual and convenient. Important to combine embroidery with modern clothes, not to look like a Museum piece.

— What can you say about antitrend?

— Vintage embroidery wear for the big holidays. Wear it to work, I think, is not quite appropriate. Also puzzling when women wear long vintage embroidered shirt without a skirt. Never in Ukraine embroidery was not wearing.

С чем лучше носить вышиванку: советы киевского дизайнера (фото)

*Embroidery looks good on denim

— What if someone preserved great-grandmother embroidered embroidery, but in some places the fabric had rusted, there were holes or stains that cannot be removed?

Such things can be given a second life, stitching together new clothes and it was decorated with embroidery from vintage embroidery. By the way, and modern embroidery orders are not for one year. They can be worn for decades and to pass on a legacy.

— Wash the shirts need especially?

— Shown hand wash in cold water.

— What models of ancient Ukrainian clothes today again become relevant?

For example, Carcetti. They, like all vests, can be worn with jeans. Often use in our products cut a broad Ukrainian skirt.

The circulation created by the things you have is limited?

— We strive to make exclusive. When something becomes a lot, it ceases to be interesting. It’s nice when they say that the streets of Rome and Paris to women in our embroidery compliment.

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Photo courtesy of Natalia Shevchuk

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