What is going on?

What's going on?


It's beyond comprehension. Is Quebec losing control of the pandemic? Is it normal that we have in proportion as many deaths in two days as the United States where fewer people are vaccinated and where health constraints are infinitely less than in Quebec?

Some American states such as Florida have passed a law prohibiting the wearing of mandatory masks in public spaces. Restaurants are open, as are spas and gyms.

The load shedding in Quebec does not prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients. And what about the staff who cannot be found in hospitals, schools and public bodies? In many businesses, employees have also withdrawn.

But where are the workers? When we compare Quebec to the rest of Canada, we are lagging behind. For the number of deaths, 46 per million inhabitants against 23 for the Canadian average. We come to fear informing ourselves, so discouraging are our statistics.

Quebecers with a high vaccination rate compared to the Western average never stop absorbing bad news.


The atmosphere is so toxic that it causes many citizens, of all ages, to “freak out”.

All we have to do is take into account the daily news stories. Fatal car crashes from speeding, drugs, alcohol and rage, and shootings that involve young people all week long.

And as a bonus, there is an irrational anger whose Legault government serves as a scapegoat. As if he had created COVID, killed the elderly in CHSLDs, destroyed the economy, etc. Since yesterday a petition has been circulating asking for nothing less than the dismissal of François Legault. According to the signatories, the prime minister would violate the Canadian charter of rights and “act within the framework of a dictatorship”.

Quebec seems to be living in pandemic hysteria. Our scientists contradict each other publicly and the conspirators triumph. Please tell me, am I wrong?

 What's going on?

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